A New Way of Skilling: Challenge-centric Learning

Recently we reached out to our team to ask what the one thing all customers should know in order to be more efficient with their labs and hands-on learning practices. 

Challenge-centric learning came back as the most popular answer, here are two of our favorite submissions: 

“Learning labs should be short, quick and disposable. If you mess up and break something, it should be easy to cancel and start over. 30-hour labs with steps that build on each other and require backwards validation create lots of room for mistakes, are hard to troubleshoot and can make learning frustrating.”

“Think about what you want the student to be able to do after the lab and how you want to validate it.”

Frank Gartland, Executive Vice President of Product Management for Skillable, recently hosted a session as part of Training Industry’s Leader Talks focused on how to ensure upskilling programs succeed. 

In this session, Frank introduces the concept of challenge-centric learning as a new instructional design methodology and a way to build confidence in your learners as they receive valuable feedback on their new-found skills along the learning journey. 

Frank also shares how challenge-centric learning benefits an organization as they navigate helping their customers, partners and employees acquire skills, validate those skills and keep skills evergreen over time. 

Watch the 7-minute video below to learn more about challenge-centric learning and then reach out to our team to learn how your team can implement this new way of skilling in your organization.

want to adopt challenge-centric learning?

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