Skillable Launches Latest Product in its Portfolio: Skillable Connect   

Tool Helps Customers Easily Integrate their Learning Systems into Skillable’s Platform  

Orlando, Fla, May 6, 2022 – Skillable announced the release of Skillable Connect, a set of tools dedicated to making it easy for customers to integrate their existing LMS, CRM or other learning systems with the Skillable platform. Skillable Connect is the latest addition to the company’s full-stack lab platform portfolio. 

“Enterprise and cloud software organizations understand how important integrations are and how complicated they can be,” says Corey Hynes, Chief Executive Officer of Skillable. “Offering our customers smooth integrations between their existing systems and Skillable is something we do extremely well already, and Skillable Connect takes that reliability promise a step further by making it even easier for their teams to establish the connections they need. Approximately 60% of the 5.7 million launches we supported last year were done through various API connections, and Skillable Connect will make that an even better experience for our customers.” 

Skillable Connect simplifies the process of integrating hands-on skilling with rich data and features hundreds of API options in a brand new, standards-based method.  

“Skillable Connect is fully compliant with the Linux Foundation’s OpenAPI Initiative and the new search capability offers our customers an easy way to find the API calls they need as well as have access to self-serve testing tools before they make their integrations,” continues Corey. 

The three-time leader in Virtual IT Labs as rated by users on is also sharing its product roadmap, showcasing the innovation planned for partners and customers between now and December 2022.  

“We supported 5.7 million lab launches last year and are on pace to greatly exceed that in 2022,” says Frank Gartland, Executive Vice President of Product Management. “Sharing these innovative plans with our partners and customers enables them to better understand our vision and invites them to collaborate with us as we build new solutions for their business problems.”  

While Skillable’s customers are building more cloud-based, hands-on learning experiences than ever using the platform’s seamless integrations with AWS and Azure, a growing number are requesting more advanced support with their container-based labs. In late May 2022, Skillable will release new capabilities that will allow their customers to automate labs for virtually any application that runs in a container.  

“Our updated container fabric is one of the most important innovations we’ve launched this year and is the first step toward our 2022 ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ strategic initiative,” says Corey. “This next release enables more cloud software companies to deliver scored hands-on labs in situations where it was previously impossible. We will be able to automate delivery of scored hands-on labs for any application that runs natively in a container – with unlimited scale. And we’re the only skilling platform that can say that.”  


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About Skillable 

Skillable is the virtual labs platform built to adapt quickly in the face of constant change. A three-time Inc. 5000 company, Skillable believes validated experiences and challenge-centric learning will transform the way organizations upskill their customers, partners and employees. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Veritas, Global Knowledge and New Horizons trust Skillable’s full stack lab development and hosting platform, generating 5.7 million lab launches in 2021 and more than 24 million lab launches over its tenure. 

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