Skillable is the Virtual Labs platform designed to assess your learners.

The Skillable approach to skills validation.

Scored labs transform the way labs are created and delivered as they can focus exclusively on the skills that the learner acquires, rather than just their raw knowledge of the subject. 

Scoring within a lab can range from multiple choice and fill in the blank questions all the way to scoring scripts that can measure changes the learner made to the lab environment.

Likewise, how scoring is used in a lab can vary from assessments throughout as knowledge checks to having an all-encompassing assessment at the very end. Assessments can even be written to require the learner to successfully pass before being able to continue in a lab (great for skills that need to be “stacked”).

Scored labs can be used in a variety of scenarios ranging from using a scored lab to assess a learner’s existing knowledge prior to training, preparing for a certification exam and finally, within a certification exam itself. It all depends on how your team wants to assess your learners’ knowledge of your software.

For example, both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have added scored labs to their certification exam in their quest for effective performance testing (also known as Performance-Based Testing or “PBT”).  

Skillable is a pioneer in the world of performance testing, active since 2007, working with over 30 software companies to build performance testing-enabled exams in 13 languages and successfully delivering more than 500,000 live exams worldwide.

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