Hands-on Practice Labs for AWS Certification Exams

AWS Certification is serious about what their certifications represent and signal in the market. They set the tone the moment you visit the AWS training and certification page with the message of “Validate technical skills and cloud expertise to grow your career and business.”1  So, if you’re starting or in the midst of AWS certification exam prep, here’s how you and your team can learn and study smarter, not longer. 

Validated skills means you must prove you have the knowledge and can DO the tasks at hand. As a result, the demand for performance-based testing to include validated skilling through hands-on experiences is growing in popularity and so has hands-on AWS exam prep. It’s one of the reasons IT professionals with extensive AWS skills and certifications are in-demand and can earn top-paying salaries.²


AWS certification exams have transitioned to hands-on exam labs.

Are you preparing the right way?

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification exam has a scored lab section in addition to its multiple choice and multi-response questions. Technology companies and certification bodies are incorporating more “doing” and “proving you can” exam components to validate your competencies. It also reduces the threat of exam dumps, cheating, cramming, etc.

When it comes to preparing for an AWS exam, three questions you’ll undoubtedly hear or have asked yourself are:

  1. “Where can I find practice labs for AWS exam prep?”
  2. “How to get hands-on experience with AWS without experience?”
  3. “How can I test my skills before the exam?”

Luckily for you, there’s one answer to all three questions:


Skillable’s AWS Challenge Labs.

We built custom AWS Challenge Labs to build familiarity, competency and confidence that you can work and perform tasks in AWS environments and help you prepare for the exam lab section. These hands-on, real-world scenarios teach and test your cloud skills in live AWS environments. You are presented with scenario-based exercises and challenged to complete a related task like you would perform on the job.

With 90+ Skillable AWS Challenge Labs available now and more coming, our Challenge Labs focus on the hands-on skills development and validation to support your path to achieving your AWS certification.

Highlights of our labs include:

  • Self-paced, online labs for exam practice
  • Three levels of difficulty for certain labs (foundational “Guided” to deep experience “Expert”)
  • Scored labs that validate where you’re strong and guide you on where you need to improve
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Over 50 hours of Challenge Labs for SysOps Administrator practice.

Learners using our AWS Challenge Labs to prepare for the SysOps Administrator exam have access to more than 50 hours of preparation.

  • A sample of the 70+ Challenge Lab scenarios:
    • Can you automate processes by using AWS services?
    • Can you configure a resilient website that uses monitoring and automatic remediation?
    • Can you deploy an end-to-end solution in AWS?
    • Can you implement a multi-layer security model?

Skillable also has Challenge Labs that provide hands-on experience for the specific skills required for three additional AWS exams:


View all self-paced AWS Challenge Labs and Exercises

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get the tools to validate cloud skills

  • Study smarter, not longer
  • Better skills development
  • Better exam preparation
  • Managers: Build your organization’s cloud skills pipeline faster

    Most AWS certifications require significant experience, but if you’re in the one-third of organizations dealing with a shortage of cloud skills,3 finding experienced AWS professionals may be a challenge or too costly. Develop your AWS skills faster pipeline by providing promising employees opportunities to learn AWS in live, non-production environments, so they'' be better prepared to move into needed cloud roles faster.