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By partnering with Skillable, you can provide turn key, comprehensive hands-on experiences for education, assessments and certification.

Partnership perks.

Ready-built content library

You can offer more than 1,000 scored hands-on labs across a variety of topics and technologies, such as Cybersecurity, AWS, Azure, IT Operations, Programming and Data Science. 

Seamless integration

Skillable Connect simplifies the process of presenting hands-on labs to the right people at the right time and securely receiving all the rich engagement data each experience provides.


Don’t let growth stop you from providing the ultimate learning experience. Quickly scale to meet your customer’s needs. Utilize our team and resources to create and bring your learning labs and performance tests to life.

Improve business agility

You have options. Whether you want to use the platform to create your own content, create content for your partners or white label and resell the Challenge Lab catalog, we will work with you based on your needs and goals.

Expand your revenue streams.

When you partner with Skillable, you further embed yourself within your customer accounts. 

With turn key solutions, you’re able to activate quickly, providing additional value to your customers and their users. 

Ready-built labs

Resell the largest, most comprehensive hands-on lab catalog. People can explore, practice and “learn while doing” instead of simply watching videos or listening to an Instructor.

Build your own labs

Leverage a robust platform to create hands-on labs, activity-based assessments and performance
tests with real-time scoring and instant feedback for learners.

Professional Services

Work with our team to create the learning labs and performance tests you need, with the flexibility to leverage our content or build your own. 

Join the ranks of other great organizations.

Our partners span the globe and represent a diverse range of organizations and businesses.


Frequently asked questions.

The short answer is yes. We do offer ways to create high-stakes performance tests and assessments. You can build low-stakes labs as well as performance tests. There are numerous options.

Yes, exams can be randomized in order or prompts. There’s academic integrity to reduce the likelihood of cheating and our labs are becoming more adaptive.

We have four datacenters around the world and 24-hour Network Operations and Support teams. Skillable uses the most sophisticated technologies and best practices available to ensure that our technology stack, accounts and data, as well as networks and physical access across our organization, have the highest security and privacy. Learn more about our security protocol at skillable.com/security.

Yes. In addition to creating the labs and publishing a roadmap, Skillable maintains the lab in our catalog so you don’t have to. 

Customer testimonials.

With Skillable, you can provide solutions at every stage of the skilling journey.

Pre-training assessment

Integrated hands-on labs

Post-training practice

Exam self-study & preparation


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