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World Backup Day

A Tip for World Backup Day

You work hard to create meaningful labs in our platform and loss of data can be devastating. That’s why we asked our Customer Success Managers to share a tip in commemoration with the holiday.

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Feature Alert: Markdown

Markdown is the plain text file format that Skillable uses for writing instructions in our lab development platform, Lab on Demand (LOD). With no additional software needed, markdown is quick to learn and we even provide a cheat sheet that helps you with formatting instructional elements.

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Building Cloud-based DevOps Labs

The popularity of DevOps methodologies, coupled with the mass migration of almost every type of technology to the cloud, has contributed to the fact that both are quickly becoming de facto standards. That means that labs that provide skills development and validation must account for the prevalence of DevOps and cloud technologies.

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Optimizing Lab Performance

Lab performance is a frequently misunderstood concept. If you deploy labs, I’m sure you’ve heard the comment, “This lab is slow.” What does that mean and relative to what?

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Analyzing Performance Data

Now that you have optimized your lab, you can start to analyze the recorded performance data over time. To effectively do this, you need to understand what you can analyze and how the data is captured.

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