Challenge-centric Lab Templates for Skills Validation Now Available in the Skillable Template Gallery

To help make it easier for you implement skills validation into your virtual training labs and training program, Skillable has added challenge-centric lab templates to its popular template gallery. This makes it easier Lab Developers to incorporate validate skills development into their lab offerings by reducing the time required in the lab configuration phase. 

What is our Template Gallery?

The Skillable template gallery enables Lab Developers to easily search for and select pre-created labs to use as the base for a new lab. Lab Developers can select templates from the public gallery maintained by Skillable or create a private gallery available only to their own users. Users can search by name or individual templates and filter by only templates they have favorited for ease of finding frequently used templates.


New challenge-centric templates

These new templates provide turnkey, robust lab environments designed with the challenge-centric methodology in mind, enabling Lab Developers to publish their scored (or non-scored) labs quicker. 

Listed below are the first of many challenge-centric templates to be released: 

  • Challenge-Centric: Windows Server 2019 AD Domain Infrastructure Suite template is a great start for Lab Developers or Authors that need to create a lab that involves management of Users, Groups, Objects, Sites and Devices in Active Directory.
  • Challenge-Centric: Cyber Security Suite (vSphere) template provides multiple operating systems, applications and industry standard toolkits for typical cyber security training use cases.

A Case for Challenge-centric Learning.

Passive training isn’t enough anymore, adult learners need to be adaptive learning environments where they can learn by doing.

This whitepaper highlights how you can incorporate more hands-on learning into your organization.

It’s written by Wallace Judd, Ph.D. and President of Authentic Testing Corp. and Frank Gartland, Executive Vice President of Product Management for Skillable, who have more than 40 years of experience with adult learning.

Build your labs with our  “gold copy” standard

Each challenge-centric template is published using Skillable “Gold Copy” resources. 

Gold Copy means these templates meet all Skillable best practice requirements, have been tested (and retested) and are built in such a way that required updates and/or modifications* can be made at the parent level as opposed to updating labs independently.

(*Note: The updates and/or modification statement only applies if Lab Developers do not make changes to the images. Once they make changes, their VMs no longer fall under our maintenance.)


What’s included in Skillable templates?

Challenge-centric templates include detailed lab documentation such as specifications for Virtual Machines, Networking and Program and Software and are a huge step forward in making it easier for Lab Developers to design and publish labs.

Figure 1: Examples of the Virtual Machine and Networking specifications included for the new challenge-centric lab templates.

How to get started.

Already developing labs with Skillable? Log into our lab development platform and check out these new challenge-centric templates in the gallery. 

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