Celebrating Efraín Castellanos on impacting 750 students with experiential learning!

Congratulations to Efraín Castellanos, Microsoft Certified Trainer, for reaching 750 students through his classes taught on the Skillable platform!

We invited Efraín to share his insights as a part of our Instructor Spotlight Series. This series aims to share insights from professionals like Efraín, who offer invaluable experiences and lessons learned from their journey with hands-on learning.

During our interview, Efraín had some wonderful advice to share, including:
  • How implementing hands-on learning in his classes has prepared his learners for real-world responsibilities.
  • Guidance for organizations seeking to incorporate more hands-on learning.
  • His favorite features or tools of the Skillable platform.

Efrain emphasizes the importance of investing in learning, stating that, “Investing in learning is one of the best things that you could do, not just for a person but for an organization.” He highlights the value of hands-on learning and how it has enhanced his learners’ skill development and job readiness.

Watch Efrain’s video below and then explore our Instructor Recognition Program.

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