Honoring Asaf Sabir, Lab Developer of the Year

Skillable is proud to recognize Asaf Sabir, a friend and colleague to many, as both our Lab Developer of the Year and the namesake for this award in the future.

Asaf Sabir was a Lab Developer for Veritas Technologies and worked with our team very closely for several years before his passing.

"Asaf was an amazing person. He was so beloved within our company, not just sales but infrastructure, support - even the executives. We all had interactions with Asaf and loved this man. We should all aspire to be like him." 
Bill Becker
Asaf's friend and Account Executive, Skillable

During the award presentation at the November 2021 Lab Developer Workshop, Bill shared stories of Asaf as a tireless worker and that he and Asaf had planned to have dinner together in London when the pandemic subsided.

Bill said these plans were the greatest compliment he could ever give Asaf, as Bill is generally not enthusiastic about travel, but could not wait to take the 12-hour flight to spend time with his friend. Sadly, these plans did not come to fruition due to Asaf’s passing.

“I’m so excited that our company is honoring his memory,” continues Bill. “Those that earn this award in the future, you’re the cream. Not just a great Lab Developer, but also a great individual.”

The Asaf Sabir Memorial Lab Developer of the Year award will recognize a Lab Developer in the Skillable community each year, with the next recipient recognized at the January 2022 Lab Developer Workshop. 

Please join us in celebrating the memory of Asaf Sabir and recognizing his contributions to the Lab Developer Community by watching the awards presentation below.

Thank you, Asaf.

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