Working Smarter with Cat Carter

What's the secret to creating many labs?

Cat Carter
Technical Delivery Engineer

Cat Carter, Technical Delivery Engineer, at QA, has accomplished an achievement of 500 published labs with Skillable!

Developing labs for QA since 2005, she started using our platform when they added remote class offerings. Creating labs for QA’s learning division, she focuses on content for classes related to apprenticeships and higher education.

Cat jokes, “I feel like I cheated with that a bit,” to get to her achievement of 500 labs published, but we disagree. The reality is she’s working smarter, not harder by using our inherit feature. This useful tool allows her to build one base lab, copy it and then quickly create different versions of it based on the need. It’s a real time saver, and allows her to make bulk updates and create more content.

Watch the interview below to hear how Cat uses our tools and trainings to increase productivity in her work.

Congratulations again, Cat! We’re glad to celebrate your achievements!

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