Recognizing Phillip Kidd for 750 Labs Published!

Recognizing Phillip Kidd for 750 Labs Published!

Can you imagine publishing 750 labs?

Phillip Kidd, Senior Cyber Content Engineer for Comtech Telecommunications, reached this milestone recently for his work in publishing security-focused labs for his organization. 

Phillip has been working with the Skillable platform for six years, creating everything from basic Linux “how to” labs to advanced hardening and attack-focused labs, all with an element of skill assessment. 

“We have a proprietary scoring solution, and we use that in conjunction with some of the built-in features from the Skillable platform,” shares Phillip. “With the data we have plus the data we can get from Skillable, we make assessments designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities of users in a given scenario.”

Watch the interview below to hear how Phillip takes security threats and turns them into content as well as advice he has for fellow Lab Developers.

Congratulations again, Phillip! We’re glad to celebrate your achievements!

Phillip Kidd
Senior Cyber Content Engineer
Comtech Telecommunications

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