Skillable leadership.

Meet the leadership team.

Our mission is to increase opportunities through skilling. The work we do changes lives.

Skill validation and challenge-centric learning experiences will transform how we develop skills.

Each step we’ve taken has brought us to today and closer to realizing our vision.

Chris McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer
Board Member

Chris Sears
Chief Software Architect
Board Member

Danny Abdo
Chief Operations Officer

Ken Talanian
Chief Financial Officer

Frank Gartland
Chief Product and Technology Officer

Mark Mangelson
Chief Revenue Officer

Sarah Danzl
Chief Marketing Officer

Ted Carter
Executive Vice President, Operations 

Barry Martin
Executive Vice President,
Platform Infrastructure and Cloud

Lori Cummings
Senior Vice President, People & Culture

Dave Staal
Senior Vice President of Sales

David Reed
Senior Vice President,
Corporate & Business Development

Jenny Davis
Vice President of Marketing