Skillable Welcomes Mark Mangelson to the Leadership Team as Chief Revenue Officer

Skillable is proud to announce that Mark Mangelson, a senior sales executive with previous roles at Degreed, Vivint, CLEARLINK and Allen Communications, has joined the leadership team as Chief Revenue Officer. 

Mark has spent his career working for several high-growth technology companies, most recently as the Vice President of North America for Degreed, where he helped the business grow from less than $1M in ACV to the largest learning experience platform in the industry with more than 300 enterprise clients. 

Mark Mangelson
Chief Revenue Officer

“Mark has a methodical and analytical approach to sales and the experience we need for the next phase of Skillable,” says Corey Hynes, CEO of Skillable. “Having spent a lot of time with Mark over the last few months, I can say he is also one of the nicest, down-to-earth, “roll up his sleeves and get to work” guys I have met in a long time. His belief that “Skills are the currency of opportunity” aligns perfectly with our vision and I’m so excited for him to be part of our team.” 

Mark has familiarity with scored learning environments from his previous roles, but the lab development platform was new to him. He quickly understood the possibilities and is ready to support his team in sharing the vision with potential customers.

“It’s exciting to work in a space where we can truly look at our clients and say, ‘You have a killer platform and a world-class delivery mechanism for helping your clients, your customers, your employees upskill in the systems you deliver’,” says Mark. “This is how you deliver business outcomes. Let’s look at the Sales Enablement use case. If you have total proficiency and you know your products well, you’re going to recommend them more often, sell them better and you’ll be in a better position as an organization to have success.”

Mark shared that one of the most impactful parts of interviewing with the leadership team and Shamrock partners was the commitment to excellence.
“Skillable has a very clear and demonstrable track record of success, not just setting up as a market leader but as a company that is not willing to be stagnant and not willing to just deliver a product,” says Mark. “There is clearly a push for innovation to make the lab environment, the products and services world-class and to drive that innovation cycle.
Mark continues, “You want to join companies where there’s a real intense focus on how we become better year in and year out and that was so very clear and abundant from the very beginning.”
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Click the video below to watch a 2-minute interview about why he’s excited to join our team.

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