Skillable and Day One partner to validate talent seekers’ skills for seamless talent matching and job readiness

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla., – June 24, 2024Skillablethe pioneer in hands-on labs that build and validate skills, and talent platform Day One announce a partnership that will enable the more accurate placement of Emerging Talent based on their proven, job-ready skills.

Skillable Challenges, an extensive library of hands-on learning labs on technical topics and technologies, will be accessed as part of Day One Emerging Talents’ onboarding journeys with their validated skill data then integrated into their skills portfolios on the Day One platform. The labs mimic environments and tasks that individuals are expected to use in their daily roles.

Practicing and being tested in an environment that’s as close to the real world as possible provides detailed and accurate skills validation for hiring managers.


Emerging Talent will be able to prove via the hands-on labs that they have key Microsoft Office Productivity skills, giving them, and Talent Seekers, greater confidence in their job readiness from day one on the job. There are further hands-on lab experiences planned to expand Emerging Talents’ skills and future career prospects with Day One.

Ricky Doyle, CEO & Founder of Day One said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Skillable, the leading vendor in the talent validation space. This collaboration aligns with our product goals and aspirations for global reach. Skillable’s extensive experience, combined with Day One’s focus on emerging talent, gives us a competitive advantage in the market. We look forward to working together to validate the hands-on skills of our emerging talent.”

"Millions of users rely on Skillable every day to prove they are ready for their next career challenge and with this partnership with Day One, we look forward to validating the skills of emerging talent. Helping organizations find the high-demand talent they need with confidence in their job readiness from the start."
Corey Hynes
Executive Chairman | Skillable

About Skillable

Skillable is the trusted pioneer and innovator in hands-on learning and skill validation. In job and organization-tailored scenarios, people develop and validate their skills through live learning experiences that accelerate job readiness and produce performance-based skill data and intelligence. Since 2004, more than 400 global customers have created and launched 35 million labs, using Skillable to practice and validate their skills. To learn more, visit

About Day One

Day One is on a bold mission to revolutionize hiring practices, Day One is dedicated to matching businesses with emerging digital talent through their skills validation platform. The platform moves to eradicate bias in hiring, prioritizing an individual’s skills, capabilities and values. We firmly advocate that talent is abundant, but opportunities are not, underscoring our dedication to spearheading opportunity creation for all and ensuring equitable access to opportunities for everyone. To learn more, visit

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