Skillable Further Bolsters Leadership Team and Market Position with New Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Danzl joins Skillable as Chief Marketing Officer with a focus on expanding their hands-on experiences and validated skills platform into enterprise global markets.

Tampa, Fla – June 6, 2023 – Skillable, the leading technology platform for the creation and delivery of hands-on learning experiences to develop and validate technical and digital skills, today announced that Sarah Danzl has joined its leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer. The former Communications Officer and VP of Customer Marketing at Degreed, Sarah brings a wealth of enterprise marketing experience to Skillable, along with tenured learning and skills industry knowledge.

Sarah Danzl
Chief Marketing Officer

“Sarah is joining us at the ideal moment for both her skill set and the need at Skillable as we enter a critical time of transition from a strong pedigree in digital and IT skills training to enterprise learning and training,” said Mike Wilkins, Partner at Shamrock Capital.

Despite significant investments in human capital, organizations are struggling with building the right workforce to the right level and with validated proficiency. The L&D sector is currently worth $363 billion USD, yet CEOs remain concerned about rising skills shortages hindering their future success. Additionally, workers report a lack of opportunity and skills for future career development. Skillable solves these challenges directly with ultra-relevant hands-on learning experiences that both build and validate employees’ ability to apply skills in their specific jobs. The result is skill data and evidence that helps leaders take action and get ahead of liabilities.

"The L&D sector especially is at a key inflection point where many are discovering that measuring completions and knowledge isn’t enough. With her proven success in marketing and communications, and customer-obsessed reputation, Sarah is an excellent addition to Team Skillable to support our goal of helping organizations use hands-on learning to understand the true performance and capability of their workforces."

“The Skillable team has already received strong validation from many of the more visionary Fortune 500 learning leaders,” said Sarah. “My immediate focus is to drive Skillable’s expansion into the enterprise with a global marketing strategy that increases brand awareness of the platform and shows the rest of the world what’s possible when you have evidence to support the many skill-based questions of today.”

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A four-time Inc. 5000 company, Skillable believes validated learning experiences will transform the way organizations upskill their customers, partners and employees. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Veritas and Skillsoft trust Skillable to deliver hands-on learning experiences at scale. Skillable has delivered on that promise by supporting more than one million new learners in 2022 and over 25 million learning experiences in its tenure.

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