Skillable reaches milestone of 35 million labs launched

Nearly 5 million unique individuals have benefitted from Skillable’s hands-on learning experiences that validate skills with performance-based evidence.

New Port Richey, Florida, November 20, 2023 —Skillable, the pioneer and leading platform for hands-on learning experiences, has reached the milestone of supporting over 7 million labs in 2023, bringing the lifetime total to more than 35 million.

The skills built through the thousands of available Skillable labs include Cybersecurity, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Data Analytics, DevOps, Programming and Data Science.

Through hands-on skill challenges, nearly 5 million people – including 1.3 million new users in 2023 alone – developed their skills in virtual labs tailored to their specific organization and role, translating to performance-backed evidence and greater on-the-job success. Their automatically scored challenges validate someone’s skills to show they are ready to apply the skill to work, while the lab environment provides a safe space to practice theoretical learning. As individuals successfully complete scenarios, they progress onto a new challenge in the series to continually grow their skills. If they struggle, targeted guidance such as hints and relevant documentation can be provided to refresh their knowledge.

“I am especially excited for the 1.3 million new learners who now have validated skills in crucial technical areas today like security, virtual machines and programming languages.

Without a multifaceted approach to learning where theoretical knowledge is boosted with realistic hands-on experiences, newly learned skills quickly fade. Having a lasting impact on millions of careers across the world is why Skillable exists and continues to help organizations quickly upskill their people and grow with validated job-readiness.”

Skillable is on track to deliver 8 million labs in 2023, the most ever in a single year, bringing their overall launch total to more than 36 million. This milestone is especially poignant after a strong period of growth for the organization, including new senior hires Danny Abdo as Chief Operations Officer, Sarah Danzl as Chief Marketing Officer and Dave Reed as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development.

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About Skillable.

Skillable is the trusted pioneer and innovator in performance-based learning and skill validation. In job-specific scenarios customizable to any organization, people build and assess their skills through hands-on experiences that accelerate job readiness and produce evidence-based skill intelligence. Since 2004, more than 400 global customers have created and launched 35 million labs, using Skillable to practice and validate their skills in live learning environments. 

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