Customer and user testimonials of Skillable.

We’re not new to enterprise skills development and hundreds of our customers, across all levels of engagement, have submitted references and testimonials as to why they enjoy working with Team Skillable. 

Hear from key stakeholders.

Five star rating

“We are able to deliver hands-on content to our customers and partners all around the globe with the click of a button on our training website. We are also able to deliver hands-on training at our conferences very simply. It’s a very powerful solution with a lot of flexibility.”

Melissa W., Senior eLearning Specialist
Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

Four star rating

“We have freed up IT resources, IT support staff, improving the quality of life for our instructors, and deliver a high-quality product to our students. Plus, we have enhanced the student’s capabilities by granting them access to the lab environment long after the class. That has seen tremendous benefits in improved skills and higher test passing rates. Skills on the keyboard and certifications are two key elements we measure.”

Executive Sponsor in Defense & Space
Four and a half star rating

“This company has created an incredibly feature rich environment to both develop and deploy real Virtual Machine labs and classes. This isn’t a simulated environment. It incorporates real Virtual Machines in a track-able, score-able, repeatable lab experience.”

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care
Enterprise (< 1000 employees)
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Five star rating

“Professional, knowledgable, and very experienced at building substantive lab experiences for our users. Very responsive, easy to work with support. Been working with them directly over the last two years, and the support and products they offer are great.”
Brian G., Instructional Technologist
Enterprise (> 1000 employees)
Five star rating
“My continuing education team appreciates how Skillable has helped us pivot our classroom courses to live virtual environment at the onset of COVID. We always get a prompt response to questions and feel very supported.”
Administrator in Higher Education 
Small Business (<50 employees)
Five star rating
“The platform itself runs in a lightweight HTML5 browser, so no complexities of using RDP or similar. We’ve been able to build labs from scratch, using Windows ISOs to tailor to each country, and install our own software for training purposes.”
Administrator in Financial Services
Enterprise (>1000 employees)

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Hear from lab developers.

Five star rating

“This is a cloud-hosted environment that allows me to develop virtual labs that students can access from home or anywhere. Labs are deployed on-demand when students launch them. The customer service and trainers have been amazing to work with.”

Christopher L., Sr Application Administrator
Enterprise (> 1000 employees)
Five star rating
“There are many things I believe that Skillable does that is best in its class. The one thing that stand out though is customer service. I am very impressed on the turn around time on the few tickets I have submitted over the 2 years I’ve been working with them.”
Russell L., Technical Content Lead and Lead lab engineer
Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

Five star rating

“The best qualities are the robust capabilities for creating Virtual Machine Labs with a range of options, networks, hyper-v/vSphere, templates, the library of OSs, the upload of OSs, Challenges, Questions, Answers, Grading, and API/LTI integrations are the best. The Developer, Customer, and User Experience Workshops and Sessions provide tremendous value and education to new and advanced end-users.”
Lang H., Project Manager & Lead Application Architect for JCAC-eTC Joint Cyber Analyst Course

Five star rating

“Powerful capabilities to create labs including using existing templates, leveraging code labs & cloud-based labs, creating engaging content and assessments. The support team is very responsive and the look and feel of the labs are great. Great features on the LMS system as well to provide a really high-quality learning experience. They are innovators and are constantly adding new features.”
Chiraag S., Head of Apprenticeship Design

Hear from instructors.

Five star rating
“As an instructor, the only part of teaching I used to hate was having to set up the classroom environment. With Skillable labs, there is no setup required. The training center provides each student a code, and they access their labs online. Best of all, I can monitor them as they work, and I can even take control if I need to!”
Mitch G., Trainer
Four and a half star rating
“The on-demand nature of Skillable labs and the extensive configuration options which are made available. Also, I appreciate the fact that Skillable has a special offer for Microsoft Certified Trainers.”
Administrator in E-Learning

Hear from learners.

Five star rating
“There are many operating systems, programs, and tools that need to be practiced in the field of cyber security. On the other hand, these Labs allow these practices to be done before job application and are very useful. After doing the labs, my self-confidence increases, and I really feel ready for business life.”
Fatma E., Cyber Security Specialist

Five star rating

“A more significant learning and gaining knowledge of the IT industry that helps my career as a whole”

Administrator in Information Technology and Services