Why choose Skillable for hands-on learning, virtual IT labs and skill validation.

Build scalable, functional and secure hands-on learning environments.

Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation in your organization creates expected and unexpected opportunities and obstacles. One obstacle you are constantly facing is keeping peoples’ skills current. Your organization has unique employee, customer education and partner enablement requirements and can’t waste limited time and budget on “one-size-fits-all” training—that’s why organizations partner with Skillable.

You’ll move upskilling from ‘listen and watch’ training to ‘learn while doing’—an approach proven to be far more effective for skill development.

Skillable’s approach to hands-on experiences and virtual labs enables you to build customized and agile learning journeys. Whether you want to leverage our pre-built Challenge Labs for training on in-market technologies, develop your own instructional content and labs or provide hands-on experiences at events, Skillable puts the upskilling experience directly into your hands.

Why choose Skillable for virtual IT labs and skill validation?

  • Award-winning platform usability ensures a seamless, consistent experience
  • Incorporating validated skills development results in more competent, confident and prepared employees
  • Skill gap analysis identifies individuals best suited for job roles via Skillable Challenges
  • 40 pre-configured lab templates and rapid setup to decrease development time
  • Over 70 G2 badges and hundreds of reviews, including G2’s ‘Easiest To Do Business With’
  • Multi-time Training Industry “Top 20” and “Watch List” recognized company
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • 99.999% uptime and four data centers ensure constant platform performance
"95% of the learners acheived at least apprentice level skills coming out of the program. We wouldn't have been able to measure that skill level without an assessment technique. It gives us a good validation that what we've trained them on has been absorbed and that they're job ready."

Invested in making you better.

Skillable Studio Lab Advisor for Virtual IT Labs

We are continuously providing new tools and resources to equip you to stay on top of shifting skilling needs.

  • Our lab development platform, Skillable Studio, provides tools such as Lab Advisor. Lab Advisor uses lab best practices and provides real-time analysis of your labs in a clean, easy to read dashboard.
  • Learn how to enhance your learning experiences at one of our free monthly lab development workshops taught by one of our experienced lab developers.

With Skillable, you have all the resources you need to create truly powerful learning experiences that validate skills development.

Committed to security.

Skillable follows industry best-practices and meets strict compliance standards to safeguard your learning environment and organization.

  • Skillable holds SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certifications.
  • We have in place protections such as Data Loss Prevention, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and role-based permissions, so your data, privacy and software environment are protected from internal and external security threats.
  • We incorporate the built-in security services of AWS and Azure—both of which are ISO 27001 compliant—for additional protection.
Skillable holds a SOC 2 certification.
Skillable is SOC 2 certified.

Global scalable delivery for excellent lab performance and access.

Whether you’re providing training to a class, a live event with thousands of concurrent users or on-demand training labs accessible to users anywhere in the world, Skillable allows you to scale training with ease. With four data centers strategically placed around the world, users, regardless of where they’re located, enjoy a seamless experience. Skillable’s labs are also easily replicated across environments, enabling you to make changes as business, employee and industry needs shift.

Build upon the success of others or chart your own path.

Microsoft, CompTIA, AWS, IBM, Skillsoft. All leaders in their respective industries. Each of whom are relying on Skillable to help them advance their hands-on training programs, validated skills development initiatives and assessment capabilities. Skillable helps illuminate what’s possible for them, and we want to do the same for you. 

With Skillable, you're not venturing into the unknown.

We’ll meet you where you are and guide you as much or as little as you want as you forge forward. With more than 35 million labs launched—more than any other lab provider—we help organizations build lab programs that upskill people faster to be more effective and competent on the job.

Make your vision a reality or expand on what's possible.