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Since 2020, nearly 2 million learners have completed 25 million hours of training with Challenge Labs.

More than 1,000 labs across a variety of topics and technologies, such as Cybersecurity, AWS, Azure, IT Operations, Programming and Data Science, are available now for your learners with more to come!

Wondering how Challenge Labs might fit into your learners’ skilling journeys? Here are three popular use cases: 

complement learning plans

Upgrade your existing learning journeys with scored hands-on experiences that validate your learners' mastery of relevant skills.

extend vendor labs

Increase the value of ready-built vendor labs
by putting your learners into the real-world environments they're already studying.

exam preparation

Assign your learners the expert level Challenge Labs as a practice test that mirrors the actual certification exam.
“It’s not very helpful for attendees to passively view a PowerPoint presentation that tells them how Azure works. With Challenge Labs, students learn by doing hands-on exercises and work in a test environment to set up something real. Being able to offer a Challenge Lab in addition to the standard lab is a great training option that helps our students develop an even better understanding of the technology.”
Nicola Keskin
Business Development Manager