Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)

Skillable’s solution supporting Microsoft Official Curriculum, now called Microsoft Learn ILT Courseware training, brings value and simplicity to product managers, Instructors and learners.

Skillable is an Authorized Lab Hoster for Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses.

Our hands-on virtual labs are used in Instructor-led classes around the world by authorized Microsoft Learning Partners. We are proud to be Microsoft’s largest lab partner.

The information below is meant to keep you informed on recently released and actively in development MOC courses/labs.

MOC Table of Contents

Why Choose Skillable MOC / Microsoft Learn ILT Courseware training.

Skillable prides itself in offering the best quality products and user experience.

We strive to make it easier for product managers and operations employees to offer superior learning experiences to their customers and students compared to their competition. Highlights include:

  • Straight-forward LMS lab integrations with our Training Management System (TMS) as well as APIs and LTI standardizations – You can get up and running quickly.
  • Extremely Instructor-friendly tools and resources – You can make it easier for your Instructors to prepare and teach their classes. They are provided plenty of tools and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) receive free access to our catalogue to stay up to date. Skillable MCTs are always advocating for the Instructor. Your Instructors will thank you (and who doesn’t want that?).
  • Improved learner/student experiences – Instructors and learners say our labs “just work.” Your learners want to learn, not frustratingly wait for latency-ridden or crashing lab environments. We have four datacenters around the world to support an optimal hands-on learning experience and if issues do arise, we have 24/7/365 technical support. 

How to Buy MOC Courseware.

Skillable is proud to serve as a one-stop-shop for Microsoft Learning Partners to schedule, manage and deliver training, and offers both self-service and full-service account options. 

Please select the option that works best for your organization to proceed:


Microsoft retired the Courseware Marketplace on July 1, 2023. Skillable Marketplace is live now at for all of your MOC lab purchase needs.

Microsoft Partners that purchased labs hosted by Skillable through Courseware Marketplace in the last 12 months have been migrated to our marketplace. Simply activate your account by resetting your password here and you'll be ready to purchase MOC labs.

Microsoft Partners that have not previously purchased labs hosted by Skillable can create an account at You'll be able to purchase labs as soon as your account is verified.


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New Microsoft Applied Skills Instructor-led training.

You can now offer your customers Microsoft Applied Skills Instructor-led training courses and Applied Skills training labs. Microsoft Applied Skills is a new verifiable credential that professionals can use to validate their technical skills for specific, real-world scenarios and unlock opportunities to work business-critical projects, including:

  • Natural language processing with Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning training and deployment
  • Building collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams
  • Configuring secure access
  • Deploying cloud-native apps
  • Migrating SQL Server workloads

Each course is aligned to an online lab-based assessment, which validates the person’s proficiency on a series of scenario-based tasks, which, when completed, earns them a credential that they can share with their employer or hiring manager. These assessments can be accessed by learners free of charge on Microsoft Learn. “With Microsoft Applied Skills, we are offering a streamlined path to validate someone’s skills … when you see a credential that is verified by Microsoft, you know that you can trust that individual to do the task at hand.”

– Kim Akers, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Customer and Partner Solutions Enablement and Operations

Microsoft Applied Skills courses available now.


  • AI-3002 – Create document intelligence solutions with Azure AI Document Intelligence
  • AI-3003 – Build a natural language processing solution with Azure AI Services
  • AI-3004 – Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI services


  • AZ-1001 – Deploy and manage containers using Azure Kubernetes Service
  • AZ-1002 – Configure secure access to your workloads using networking with Azure Virtual Network
  • AZ-1003 – Secure storage for Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage
  • AZ-1004 – Deploy and configure Azure Monitor
  • AZ-2001 – Implement security through a pipeline using Azure DevOps
  • AZ-2002 – Develop an ASP.NET Core web app that consumes an API
  • AZ-2003 – Deploy cloud-native apps using Azure Container Apps

Data Platform

  • DP-3001 – Migrate SQL Server workload to Azure SQL/li>
  • DP-3007 – Train and deploy a machine learning model with Azure Machine Learning
  • DP-601 – Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric
  • DP-602T00-A Implement a Data Warehouse with Microsoft Fabric
  • DP-603T00-A Implement Real-Time Analytics with Microsoft Fabric
  • DP-604T00-A Implement a data science and machine learning solution for AI with Microsoft Fabric
  • PL-7001 – Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps
  • PL-7002 – Create and Manage Automated Processes by using Power Automate
  • PL-7003 – Create and Manage Model-Driven Apps with Power Apps and Dataverse


  • SC-5001 – Configure SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel
  • SC-5002 – Secure Azure services and workloads with Microsoft Defender for Cloud regulatory compliance controls
  • SC-5003 Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention

How to Receive an Azure Pass.

As of April 1, 2023, Microsoft Partners receive Azure Passes directly from their Authorized Lab Hoster (ALH). 

Skillable makes this process seamless for you, your Instructors and your learners, providing Azure Passes directly in the MOC lab UI, the same way we provide M365 tenants in the Resources Tab of the instruction pane. 

Here is an example of what the Resources tab looks like for a course that received both a Tenant and an Azure Pass:

Per Microsoft, the following courses will still be provided with an Azure Pass:

  • AZ-140T00-A
  • AZ-400T00-A
  • PL-400T00-A
  • PL-500T00-A
  • SC-200T00-A
  • SC-300T00-A

Recently Published MOC Courses / Microsoft Learn ILT Courseware training.

Build collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams
Duration: 1 Day

Learn how to build and distribute Microsoft Teams apps that retrieve user information using the Microsoft Graph API. Practice building and deploying apps in the guided project at the end of the learning path.

Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer
Duration: 5 Days

A Dynamics 365 Business Central developer develops apps that extend Business Central. This can include creating new modules and modifying existing modules. The developer can add new business logic or change existing business logic by using events. A developer also makes it possible to integrate Business Central with other applications, including Microsoft Power Platform products.

Business Central developers are responsible for troubleshooting and debugging issues in the system. This may involve identifying the root cause of a problem, fixing bugs, and testing the solution to ensure it works as expected. Business Central developers may be required to optimize the performance of the system by identifying bottlenecks and improving code quality. Business Central developers are responsible for upgrading the system, migrating data, and maintaining the system to ensure it remains up to date and secure.

Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 for Administrators Duration: 1 Day Learn how to build and distribute Microsoft Teams apps that retrieve user information using the Microsoft Graph API. Practice building and deploying apps in the guided project at the end of the learning path. Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

DevOps Foundations: The Core Principles and Practices
Duration: 1 Day

Explore DevOps practices using GitHub. Your development and operations teams will experience improved collaboration, agility, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, and operational excellence throughout all phases of the application lifecycle.

Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention
Duration: 1 Day

Gain the skills to use Microsoft Purview to improve your data security in Microsoft 365. In this training, you learn how to create sensitive information types, create sensitivity labels, and use auto-labeling policies based on these labels. You also learn how to set up DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies to safeguard your organization’s data.

Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

Configuring Azure Virtual Desktop for the Enterprise
Duration: 1 Day

This abbreviated one-day course teaches Azure administrators how to plan, deliver, and manage virtual desktop experiences and remote apps, for any device, on Azure. Summarized lessons include implementing and managing networking for Azure Virtual Desktop, configuring host pools and session hosts, creating session host images, implementing, and managing FSLogix, monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop performance and health, and automating Azure Virtual Desktop management tasks. Students will learn through a mix of condensed demonstrations deploying virtual desktop experiences on Azure Virtual Desktop and running in multi-session virtual environments. This course assumes familiarity with Azure Virtual Desktop, including virtualization, networking, identity, storage, backup and restore, and disaster recovery. Students should have knowledge of on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure technologies as they relate to migrating to Azure Virtual Desktop. Students are expected to have used tools common to the Azure environment, such as the Azure PowerShell and Cloud Shell.

Purchase from the Skillable Marketplace for Learning Partners.

In-development MOC Courses.

Develop AI agents using Azure OpenAI and the Semantic Kernel SDK
Duration: 1 Day

Learn how to use the Semantic Kernel SDK to build intelligent applications that automate tasks and perform natural language processing.

MOC Course Retirements.

With the transition to Microsoft Learn, Microsoft has updated their retirement policy. Classes can no longer be scheduled after the retirement date. This date coincides with the date the courseware is also retired off Microsoft Learn. Course Retirement dates can be found here:  

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