Earth Day: Turning Worry Into Action

Change the world with the gift of time. 

Meet Jessie Mathisen. 

She’s an incredible instructional designer at Skillable with a passion for the earth and climate change education. 

She took her concerns for our planet and turned them into actions this week by using her company paid volunteer time off.

Jessie volunteering
Jessie Mathisen and her educational booth.

Her Goal: to talk to people who worry about climate change, but don’t know what to do about it. 

Jessie shared, “Through talking to people, I want to help them begin taking actions that will make a positive change. A lot of people feel hopeless around climate change because it is so big and scary that it’s just easier to avoid thinking about it. But, if society decides to make changes, I truly believe that we can avoid the worst effects of climate change and mitigate the effects that are unavoidable.” 

“I want other people to share the hope and energy that I find for myself through taking action.”

When Jessie was invited to participate in the event, her first thought was that she would have to decline since it was during a work day. When she realized that she could use her volunteer time off benefit to participate, she was thrilled!

“I tremendously appreciate that Skillable has created a way for people to do (volunteer) work, during normal work hours, that is important to them and to society.”

Meaningful change can start with one decision. 

For Jessie, it started with using her gift of volunteer time to share her knowledge and love for the Earth with others. 

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