Skillable Careers: A Dynamic Experience

Reading a job description, you can expect to find a list of task expectations and requirements for the position.

What’s often missing are the details about company culture, the synergy of those you’ll interact with daily or how engaged you’ll feel while doing the work.

Many times those unmentioned details feel like they are simply left to chance. 

It’s time we shift that dynamic and share the inside scoop. 

Amanda Gibson, Customer Operations Platform Administrator, has worked at Skillable for over a year. The pandemic was in full swing, and she was searching for a career that would bring fulfillment.

When asked why she applied to work at Skillable, Amanda said, “I was drawn to learning something new, working from home and the prospect of growing with a company as it grew!”

Once she joined the team she quickly found that, “The atmosphere is amazing! Even though you are working from home Skillable has created an environment that is well connected and engaging!”

As time has gone on her appreciation for Skillable has continued to grow and exceed her expectations. Amanda shared, “Every manager I have had takes time out of their day to check in, see if I am happy with where I am and talks to me about where I see my career with Skillable. They have helped me grow and learn which has lead to promotions!”

It’s time to find a company with a culture and atmosphere you love, and then find a match for your skills. 

We each have our own personal career goals, and talents to share. Working with our growing company you’ll find a team of people eager to share their talents and value what makes you exceptional. 

Who might be a great fit at Skillable? Amanda suggests, “I think someone who likes problem solving, who handles change with ease, and who is a self starter would be a great candidate!”

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? If this is the environment you’ve been searching for, take the next step and visit our careers page.  


The Skillable team is made up of individuals who are both exceptional
at what they do and who they are.