Explore the new Course Catalog

The last three months have seen some pretty fantastic additions to our learning management system, Skillable TMS! 

Complementing the new experiences offered with the Instructor Dashboard and Student Dashboard, Skillable is proud to share that we’ve enhanced the search and data functionality for discovering courses inside our Course Catalog.

This is just the first of the catalog redesigns, with new looks for on-demand subscriptions, learning paths and classes coming next! 

Want to see it for yourself? 

Visit our Skillable Challenges catalog to see the new Course Catalog in action and then check out the “For the Admins” section below to turn on this functionality for your learners! (And visit our Skillable Challenges page if you’re interested in learning more about the content you see in the catalog!)

Figure 1: Screenshot of the new Course Catalog, featuring our Skillable Challenges.

Meet the new search.

Veteran users will notice that we now offer a Grid or List view of the catalog as well as three new-to-TMS filter options: 

  • Favorites – You’re familiar with the concept and now your learners can use it in the Course Catalog when they’re logged in! Simply click the heart icon on a course card to gather the courses you care most about.
  • Review Ratings – Not just for online shopping, filter content based on reviews from learners who have completed the lab! This filter is always available, even for anonymous user access to the catalog. 
  • Current Status – Your learners can now get a quick sense of where they are and how far they’ve come with this one! After logging into Skillable TMS, learners will be able to see courses not yet started, those in progress and what they’ve completed. 

Figure 2: Screenshot of the new Filter Options in the Skillable TMS Course Catalog module.

layer – and edit – your filters with ease.

So often it is difficult to determine which filters are applied to searches. And how to make changes if you’ve been too granular.

Not with this new search design! The new filter options allow for simple and intuitive filter selection and as each new filter is appended to the filter options, others can easily be added, removed and modified. 

Figure 3: Screenshot of filters applied across Review Ratings and Skill Areas to pinpoint desired course(s).

refined course cards.

Course cards are the window into a particular course, offering a quick view into information that’s helpful to learners when selecting content from a Catalog. 

Course cards now include description, length, activity type, topic/technology icon and rating right on the card rather than prompting the learner to hover or click for more information. 

Figure 4: Updated course card display.

expand to list view to read more.

As you review the course cards, consider switching from Grid to List view in the upper right corner, enabling you to see more information on courses without losing your filters. 

Simply click the List button and the filtered results will toggle to the List view format. 

In that same area you can indicate how many courses you’d like to see on a single page. 

Figure 5: Screenshot of the new List view display. 

For the admins. 

Simply submit a support ticket if you’d like Skillable to enable this new Course Catalog. 

Course ratings are configured at the Organization level and can be updated by learning administrators to control the visibility of the start ratings on course cards. (Visit the Skillable documentation on Course Catalogs to learn more.) 

We’re excited. and hope you are too.

The Skillable team is excited to share this upgraded Course Catalog with you! 

This is just the start of more tools coming in the next weeks and months to help our customers and their learners be more productive in their skilling. 

want more?

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