How to Get Started with Hands-on Virtual IT Labs [Free Guide]

Man practicing skills in a virtual lab

How to Get Started with Hands-on Virtual IT Labs [Free Guide]

Whether you have a mature training program or a rapidly growing one, the ability to provide
hands-on learning experiences to assess, develop and validate learners’ skills has
been a challenge—and not for the lack of trying—but because the existing tools were
insufficient or cost prohibitive. That’s changed.

Advanced learning technology that’s accessible to training programs of any size

Leading organizations such as Microsoft, AWS, Intel and CompTIA
have incorporated experiential hands-on “learn by doing” experiences into their
training, events and certifications exams to accelerate skills development and
validate competency. The even better news: this approach to upskilling and reskilling is more accessible than you might think.

So what is experiential hands-on ‘learn by doing?’  What are virtual training labs and how do they fit with experiential learning? What makes both so beneficial? How does the tool create hands-on learning opportunities?

To help you begin or to bring your existing labs to the next level, download our free guide on virtual labs.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • What virtual training labs are
  • What makes experiential learning so beneficial to learners
  • Types of virtual technology labs
  • How they work, their use cases and best practices
  • The different ways to integrate labs into an LMS


And that’s just the beginning.

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