Best Practice: Creating the Framework for Sustainable Labs

“I wish I did

that in the

first place.” 

Avoid that sinking feeling in the middle of a project when you realize, “It didn’t have to be this complicated.”

A proper plan and strong foundational framework will ensure you are creating and scaling your labs in a successful way, today and well into the future.  

A Strong Foundation for the Future

David Boucher, Senior Customer Success Manager, has witnessed this experience many times when he worked as a systems engineer, then as a project manager and now as a customer success manager. 

To avoid those moments of frustration, he learned the value of creating a mini-project plan, to ensured that the important details were captured. Everything was included from the architectural design, the software used and their versions, background information to the lab build, issues encountered and their solutions and the test results and the resultant changes. 

Once you’ve created your framework, David explains, “it becomes a knowledge base for building subsequent labs.” You can reuse a network diagram or create a set of markdown instructions that can be used as a template, or a technical solution that can be the basis for another lab. 

This also allows another lab developer to pick up and understand your labs as well. 

He gives credit to proper planning and detailed documentation leading to his success and the success of the customers he works with, and hopes this serves as an important reminder to create a detailed mini-project plan as a best practice before designing your labs. 


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