Work Hard + Have Fun = Love Your Job

It’s International Have Fun at Work Day!

Is this an April Fools’ Day joke? Are there really places that need a holiday to celebrate something we do everyday at Skillable?

Working remotely with friends across the globe is a gift and joy. At Skillable, we work hard, but also have a great community that regularly adds fun into our roles.

Take tonight for instance, our People Team is sponsoring a virtual social, Trivia night! 

John Rice, Lab Automation Specialist, has volunteered to be the host of an April Fools themed Trivia Night, and he’s guaranteed an evening of brain teasing for all that join. He shared, “All of our trivia nights have a general theme, but not all questions are related to it and some only have the thinnest whiff of a stretch of a connection. I try to include questions from lots of different categories to make sure everyone has a few they could be the fastest to answer.”

When asked why he volunteered to host this event, he said, “It’s important to build relationships with people that you count on and who count on you. My first exposure to the culture here was on the Technical Operations team on the help desk. They use voice chat and it really helped me feel connected to them. They work hard but there are more than a few goofballs on that team. I fit right in.”

“They work hard but there are more than a few goofballs on that team. I fit right in.”

John Rice

John continued, saying, “Sharon Finzel and Brandon Shea set the tone early on and Layne Lunday-Starr was a great guide to our inside jokes and running gags. Clint Smith played along with my dated references and Melanie Krichko laughed at the drop of a hat in a way that makes you laugh with her. In the end though, I have to give credit to Alex Macko as the one who’s voice I hear when I remember the words, “We have fun here.” That quote reminds me that the work is hard, the tone is fun and I love my job.”

The opportunities to have fun at work seem to be endless. Whether it’s our photography social coming up, co-works around the corner, or the day to day interactions with each other as we problem solve and grow our company, Skillable is a great place to be. 

Be part of something awesome.

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