Don’t second guess.

Transform user skills from basic to mastery with
scored hands-on labs.

By 2030, it’s estimated that a global tech talent shortage of 85 million people will cost $8 trillion in unrealized annual revenue.1

That’s a lot of money to waste for an ill-equipped tech workforce. Break free from uninspired training videos and multiple-choice tests because “listen & watch” training doesn’t translate into practical, real-world skills. Training programs often fall into the trap of quantity over quality assuming more training is better training.

But we know that’s not true. The most effective way to skill your customers, partners and employees is to learn while doing. Skillable enables hands-on, challenge-centric skills development and immediate validation through our scalable virtual lab platform that adapts as you evolve. You have access to fully-licensed, secure lab environments where users develop their skills in real-world situations – going from just guessing to confidently knowing how to succeed in their roles.

Ultimately, leading to faster adoption, less support and happier users.

1Judd, Wallace, and Frank Gartland. A Case for Challenge-Centric Learning. Skillable. September 2021.

Take the guesswork out of skills development & validation.

Provide your customers, partners and employees with the most efficient path from basic proficiency to mastery. Register for a 1:1 consultation with our skilling experts to examine how you can enhance your skills development programs using custom insights. Build a better lab with challenge-centric learning for more informed users, global scalability and a better ROI.

Build User Skills and Confidence.

Incorporating what happens after the lab into your platform takes learning to a new level. Discover why challenge-centric virtual labs are not just changing how users learn but also how they perform.

Continuous skilling for continuous change.

Your product is always changing, so must your training. See how Comtech uses Skillable’s SkillStack to quickly create new cybersecurity content when new threats emerge.

Turn Your Users into Masters.

Studies show that customers, partners and employees of technology companies find greater on the job success when learning is translated into real-world scenarios. Learn more about the case for challenge-centric learning.
"Hands-on learning is definitely more effective than videos/slides. The automated checks are great as well to prove mastery of a subject for certification tests."

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