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Meet Challenge Labs.

Challenge Labs are a catalog of scored hands-on learning experiences. Each lab drives learners to figure out how to arrive at a specific outcome. As the learner completes tasks, our platform interrogates the live environment to see if the task was completed correctly.

As learners prove mastery, the next Challenge Lab may include additional complexity. As learners struggle, they’re given more guidance. Challenge Labs provide genuine environments, so people can explore, practice and “learn while doing” instead of simply following a set of rote procedures to complete a lab.

Since 2020, nearly 2 million learners have completed 25 million hours of training with Challenge Labs.

More than 1,000 labs across a variety of topics and technologies, such as Cybersecurity, AWS, Azure, IT Operations, Programming and Data Science, are available now for your learners with more to come!

The most reliable hiring decisions won’t come from a resume and phone interview.

Fill roles faster by qualifying a candidate’s technical skills through our goal oriented, scenario-based Challenge Labs.

Challenge Labs can be integrated into your job architectures, skills engines and talent intelligence systems to deliver a seamless technical evaluation experience to your candidates.

Challenge Labs enable learners to explore, practice and “learn while doing” instead of simply following a list of tasks to complete a lab.

Continue the skilling journey through your employees’ tenure with content that maps to the skills they have now and the skills they need to grow in their roles.


Supplement your professional development and initiatives in a "learn while doing" environment.

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