A Checkup for Your Labs on World Health Day

When was the last time you thought about the health of your labs?

World Health Day is celebrated this year on April 7 and just as you would schedule a checkup for your physical health, we think it’s time to schedule one for your labs!

To ensure the most efficient and best outcomes from your labs, we asked Paul Gregory, Senior Customer Success Manager, what his top tip is for running a healthy lab.

“Before pushing a lab to production double check lab duration, lab extension and advanced lab save and cancel options are all set correctly to make sure your users/customers get the experience you want.”

Once you’ve reviewed Paul’s suggestion within your labs, we encourage you to take it a step further and schedule a block of time during your work week to do a more comprehensive lab check up.

We have several resources regarding best practices. Select a topic each week to brush up on or seek out support for specifics regarding your biggest needs. 


  • Check out our Documentation Center for articles on a variety of best practices.
  • Download this Virtual Machine Optimization guide to see a number of recommendations for your labs. 
  • Watch this video on an upcoming feature, the Best Practice Analyzer, to see how this tool will test your labs to see how well they are functioning and guide you to optimal lab performance. 
Evaluating the health of your labs is a beneficial and necessary action. Regular lab health checkups will keep your projects running smoothly and at peak performance. 

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