March 2022 Release: Dive into the details of our Monthly Platform UPdates

Each month Skillable releases new features and platform enhancements. Whether it’s a brand-new product offering or essential updates to your favorite features, there’s always something new and exciting to follow. 

Our last releases on March 28 and 31 featured a number of platform enhancements, many of which were customer driven and inspired by requests made through our customer feedback site

A few highlights include accessibility and multiline text box updates as well as lab series archiving within our LOD platform. You’ll also notice a new update within our TMS platform. 

You can hear about these updates before they happen by attending our interactive Platform Updates at the beginning of our monthly Lab Developer Workshop, scheduled the final Thursday of each month. 

Want to catch up on what has changed? 

Check out the videos below and then visit to see the full details.  

LOD Platform Update – March 2022
TMS Platform Update – March 2022

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