Feature Alert: Markdown

Guiding your Students with Easy-to-Use Instructions

Markdown is the plain text file format that Skillable uses for writing instructions in our lab development platform, Skillable Studio. 

With no additional software needed, markdown is quick to learn and we even provide a cheat sheet that helps you with formatting instructional elements. 

In addition to the text formatting, Skillable has several additional markdown elements, such as knowledge/alert boxes and variable content in your instruction pane, enabling you to customize messages for your learners, display lab instructions in the learner’s language and more! 

The 9-minute video below, recorded by Bev Underwood, Customer Success Manager, introduces you to markdown and our lab interface.

You can also learn more about markdown in our Documentation Center

Want to go deeper?

Skillable offers monthly Lab Developer Workshops to help you perfect your Lab Developer skills across a variety of topics. 

View and register for upcoming workshops at www.skillable.com/workshop.