May the Fourth: Skillable’s Stellar Star Wars Social

trivia winners
star wars

Star Wars themed background? Check. Princess Leia costume? Check. Several rounds of Star Wars themed trivia? Check. 

Between the fun themes and the incredible team members, Skillable socials go all out, and our May the Fourth, Star Wars themed social was no different.

John Rice, Lab Automation Specialist, volunteered to host the virtual trivia night, creating the questions, visuals and additional facts. 

Participants ranged from life long fans, to those who joined for the social aspect. 

The trivia scores were competitive, but Kyle Rosenthal, Account Executive, was the champion of the evening. There weren’t any questions that stumped him, he said, only a few that he answered too quickly.

Kyle shared, “I have been a Star Wars fan since the first movie was released, the opening scene of Star Wars (Episode 4) captured my imagination and has not let it go since.” 

Participating in our after-hours socials is an important part of Kyle’s Skillable experience. He explained, “As a team member on the other side of the planet, there is no one directly in my time zone, so having fun events like that are a great way to be able to see and interact with other people.”

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