As of August 30, 2022, you are able to display direct links to the Microsoft Learn Courseware and Achievement Codes to your learners on their enrollment page, as shown below. 

These links will include the correct formatting and information as determined by Microsoft to provide your students with direct access to Microsoft Learn and enable your organization to drive needed KPIs. 



Microsoft Learn

To enable these features for your learners, please have an Operations Manager navigate to your Organizations page in the Skillable TMS, select Edit and select the Preferences Tab.

Under the Business Settings section, please fill in your organization’s Learning Partner Location ID and Microsoft Campaign Code in the fields highlighted below:

Please Note: If your organization has multiple sub-organizations you will fill in the Location ID for each organization separately.
Achievement Codes

To display the Achievement Code button for each of your training events, navigate to the class creation page, select the desired Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) course and then enter the Microsoft-provided Achievement Code URL into the Achievement Code URL section in the field highlighted below.

This only needs to be the Root URL and should not contain your Campaign Code or Microsoft Partner Location ID as our system will automatically add that one for you.

We recommend having one Achievement Code for each class.


Posted below are resources to help you and your learners in this transition: 

Microsoft Learn Account Creation Guide

Official process documentation