Modern Virtual Training Labs: 

Maximizing Training Time

Modern hands-on learning experiences and virtual learning labs have evolved beyond the restrictive structure and limited capabilities of  traditional step-by-step labs and sandboxes. The best hands-on learning experience platforms enable you to do more than just train employees; they help you identify where to invest your training budget and resources, so you can create more strategic data-driven learning and development programs.

Solutions like what Skillable offers eliminates the ambiguity of traditional learning solutions that aren’t equipped to keep pace with rapidly evolving digital skills by helping you identify where you need to improve employee skills. Here’s how:

3 Ways Modern virtual Labs provide better learning experiences

Hands-on and immersive.

It’s not enough for solutions to be “learn by viewing” and pseudo hands-on—learners need to be completely immersed in the software’s environment for maximum learning engagement and retention.

Modern hands-on experiences break free from traditional click-through labs or point-and-click demos and fully immerse learners in the software environment.

Inside the environment, learners use the same tools and perform the same tasks like they’re on the job which increases their engagement. And more engaged learners result in more productive, motivated employees who actively contribute to business objectives.

Scored and Measureable.

Modern labs provide in-depth learning data that showcases exactly where learners are in the skills development lifecycle.

With this data, organizations can accurately assess and validate that what learners learned during training sessions can be properly applied to on-the-job situations.

Scoring data can also highlight individual learners’ skill mastery levels, enabling Instructors to focus time and resources on learners who need more help. Ultimately, this creates more tailored training programs and results in employees who have the necessary skills to meet specific business goals.

Personalized learning journeys.

Modern labs acknowledge that individuals have varying skill levels. Rather than starting everyone at a beginner level, modern hands-on learning experiences like what Skillable offers provides learners with adaptive learning experiences.

Learners who have more skills can start with advanced or expert labs that offer little to no guidance with individuals relying solely on their existing skills. Beginners can start with basic scenarios with detailed instructions and immediate feedback to ensure proper skill development.

Ready to enhance your training?

In today’s world, where organizations must justify every dollar spent, it’s crucial to maximize every investment. The best hands-on learning and virtual lab platforms such as Skillable offers modern upskilling experiences that empower organizations and provide in-depth data and immersive learning environments.
With Skillable, organizations can move beyond the limitations of traditional training labs and sandboxes and maximize training time.