Welcome to Skillable!

Congratulations on being selected for Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE) program! Skillable is excited to partner with Microsoft to provide the FREE labs needed for success in each of the available courses.

Review the FAQ below to learn more about Skillable, the MSLE program and how to access your lab content. 

Questions? Contact [email protected] 

General Information

Skillable is the virtual labs platform provider with the ability to provision Azure-based labs to students for enabling their hands-on experience and skills validation.

Through this program, Microsoft is providing your organization with Lab Developer seats on the Skillable platform as an opportunity to incorporate learning experiences above and beyond those found in the Microsoft Learn sandbox. 

Microsoft Learn for Educators enables you to bring Microsoft Official Curriculum and the instructor-led training materials into your classroom to build your students’ technical skills for the future. Eligible educators and faculty members at higher education institutions that offer accredited degree, diploma, certificate, or continuing or further education programs, such as colleges, universities, community colleges, polytechnics, and some STEM-focused secondary schools can access Microsoft ready-to-teach curriculum and teaching materials aligned to industry-recognized Microsoft Certifications. These certifications augment a student’s existing degree path and validate the skills needed to be successful across a variety of technical careers. 

For additional information, visit the program site.

You only need a computer with a stable internet connection to access and complete your labs. 

  1. Go to https://msle.learnondemand.net.
  2. A training key to access the labs is provided to the instructor via email from Skillable once  a class is scheduled.
  3. The instructor is then responsible for sending the training key to the enrolled students.

If the training key doesn’t work, submit a ticket at skillable.com/customer-support. Training keys will work through end date of the class. After the class has ended, the training key will expire.

Two courses with 13 current classes are available to you through the MSLE program: 


Excellent hands-on labs and support

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To test the lab access and view system requirements, have students check our Connectivity Requirements.

This page contains detailed systems requirement information. Students can also launch a test lab to ensure the lab environment works on their computer.

Students who will be using their own laptops are encouraged to verify that they can successfully launch labs from the platform prior to their class.

Each Instructor is responsible for distributing a Training Key to each enrolled student. Please note that all enrolled students in a class will use the same training key.

When a class begins, Instructors should have students navigate to https://msle.learnondemand.net.

From there, students will click on Register with Training Key which takes them to the Register Page to create their training account. 

Labs can be saved for up to seven (7) days at a time. Each time a student resumes their lab, they will be able to save it for an additional 7 days.

If a lab is not resumed within 7 days of being saved, the lab will cancel and all work will be lost. The student will then need to launch a fresh instance of the lab.

Best practice: We recommend students launch and resave their lab twice a week. 

Courses that use our Cloud Slice technology do NOT have saves enabled. These courses have labs that are broken down into smaller sizes and are designed to be completed in one sitting.

Please note that Cloud Slice labs can only be launched a total of ten (10) times.

Customer Support for Instructor or student issues is available when a ticket is submitted at https://skillable.com/customer-support

To expedite assistance, include class details (course, start/end date, location, instructor, training key) in your support inquiry.