Welcome to Skillable!

Congratulations on choosing to participate in the Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE) program! Skillable is excited to partner with Microsoft to provide the FREE labs needed for success in each of the available courses.

Skillable is the virtual labs platform provider with the ability to provision Azure-based labs to students for enabling their hands-on experience and skills validation.

WE BELIEVE: Skilling is the future of training and it’s hands-on. Experiences will be supplemented by videos and Instructors, not vice versa. Challenge-centric learning is the next instructional design model. Scored labs and shared labs will innovate hands-on learning and we’re leading the way. Performance testing is the future of certification and badging.

  • Excellent hands-on labs and support
  • Effective skilling program – “learn while doing”
  • Skills validation

The Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE) program enables Educators to bring Microsoft Official Curriculum and instructor-led training materials into the classroom to build students’ technical skills for the future. As part of MSLE, Educators will also get access to training and tools to prepare for delivering technical instruction in the classroom. One of these tools includes Lab Seats which provide Educators with the ability to provision Azure-based labs to students for enabling hands-on experience and skills validation. Through this benefit, Educators receive free or discounted lab seats (varies by program option) as an opportunity to incorporate learning experiences to help students prepare for certification.

For additional information, visit the program site.

The information found below in the General Information and FAQ will assist you in accessing your lab content.

A hands-on lab is a multi-objective, scenario-based activity typically found at the end of a module or course to reinforce learning. Labs are hosted by an Authorized Lab Hoster and provided to support course delivery. Labs are mapped to the course materials provided through MSLE.

Labs provided by Authorized Lab Hosters are different from sandbox labs that are included within Microsoft Learn modules. The Microsoft Learn sandbox (sometimes called the Azure sandbox) is a free environment that you can use to explore Azure through Microsoft Learn content. For more information, visit the Learn Sandbox FAQ.

Classes are available to you through the MSLE program: 

*There are currently no labs available for Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900). 

Here is a snapshot grid of courses and the pass types available: 

MSLE FSI ClassesAzure PassSingle Use Tenant (30 days)Multi-use Tenant – 2-weekCloud SliceLab SavesRestrictions
AI-102T00-A Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AI-900T00-A Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AZ-104T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AZ-204T00-A Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AZ-500T00-A Microsoft Azure Security Technologies   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AZ-700T00-A: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
AZ-900T00-A Microsoft Azure Fundamentals   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
DP-100T01-A Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on AzureYes  NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
DP-203T00-A Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure   YesYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
DP-900T00-A Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals   YesNo  10 launches per each module 
MB-800T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Yes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
MB-910T00-A Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)  YesNoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
MB-920T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)   NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
PL-100T00-A Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Yes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
PL-300T00-A Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Yes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
PL-900T00-A Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Yes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
SC-300T00-A Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorYesYes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
SC-400T00-A Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Yes NoYesSaved up to 7 days at a time
SC-900T00-A Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Yes YesNo  10 launches per each module 
  • Multi-use tenant (D365) – one (1) tenant provided per class, with a restriction of 24 students per class as there are only 25 user licenses. Available for 2-week class duration.
  • Single use tenant (M365) – available max 30 days. Labs will need to be completed within this timeframe.
  • Cloud Slice – do not have saves enabled as these courses are broken down into smaller modules that are meant to be completed in one sitting. Cloud Slice labs can be launched a total of 10 times.
  • Labs with Saves enabled generally have instructions that build upon themselves and is designed to be done in a single lab environment.
  • Azure Pass – a voucher for a specific amount of credit to be spent utilizing Azure Resources for training purposes. For DP-100T00-A, the learner receives $100 which is available for 90 days after it is redeemed onto their account. For SC-300T00-A, the learner receives $50 which is valid for 15 days after it is redeemed onto their account.

General Information

Labs log in page: (Access to Skillable labs – use training key here): msle.learnondemand.net

Once a class has been scheduled and assigned, the Educator will receive instructions and a Training Key from Skillable. The Educator will be responsible for sharing instructions with students. Instructions should include navigating to the MSLE Lab Portal and registering with a Training Key.

From there, the students will be taken to the Register Page to create their training account. Students will need to view and accept the End User License agreement, then they will be taken directly to their class page.

Please note, all enrolled students will use the same Training Key, with the exception of MB-910. View details. 


Note regarding Lab registration: If students use any method other than registering with the Training Key to sign in, their account will be associated with Microsoft FSI, not their organization. This prevents the lab Educator from viewing user account details and completing administrative tasks. 


To test the lab access and view system requirements, have students check our Connectivity Requirements. This page contains detailed systems requirement information. Students can also launch a test lab to ensure the lab environment works on their computer. Students who will be using their own laptops are encouraged to verify that they can successfully launch labs from the platform prior to their class.

The following information outlines tenant provisioning for specific MSLE labs.  

Dynamics 365 Fundamentals CRM (MB-910) 

The MB-910 labs have restrictions and very strict rules that must be adhered to. This class can only be scheduled for a two-week timeframe and must be completed within that two-week period. The first few days of class are designed for Educator prep. The following week is for students to log in to complete the labs.  

  • In the MSLE portal please indicate in your course details for MB-910, a two-week timeframe to match the dates learners will work through the labs. 
  • Once class is scheduled, please do not log in until the first day of the two-week lab portion of the class.  

Note: For MB-910, each Training Key has a limit of 24 uses. Thus, if there are more than 24 students in the class, the Educator will receive additional Training Keys via email to accommodate the total number of students.  

  • Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) 
  • Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) 
  • Microsoft Power Platform (PL-900) 
  • Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300) 
  • Microsoft Information Protection Administrator (SC-400) 
  • Security, Compliance, and Identity (SC-900) 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant (MB-800)

These courses have a maximum 30-day timeframe, meaning that labs must be completed within 30 days. 

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) 

There are currently no labs available for MS-900. 

Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203) 

DP-203T0-A Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure utilizes our Cloud Slice Technology to run the labs without the need for learner azure accounts or credit cards. All lab activities are set up on one lab profile, with saves enabled, which means that if a learner’s lab ends or if their lab closes, all work is reset, and learners will need to re-create needed resources to continue the lab. We highly recommend that all learners complete the labs for DP-203T00-A in a single week, to prevent loss of work.  

Also note: Module 0 – Lab environment setup with a pre-installed virtual machine, asks students to run setup scripts. These scripts can take over an hour to fully complete and these scripts must finish before the labs can be started.   

Support requests can be made by contacting skillable.com/customer-support who will escalate your request to the appropriate team. To expedite assistance, include class details (course, start/end date, location, instructor, training key) in your support inquiry.

Service Level Agreement

  • Skillable is the course lab provider partner for the MSLE Program. 
  • Each request is manually entered by a member of the Skillable team. 
  • Educator course requests are processed within *48-72 business hours of it being received. (* U.S. Holidays may affect this timeframe) 
  • No past course date requests will be accepted. Course dates must be scheduled at least 2 (two) weeks from portal request date.
  • Incomplete requests may result in a direct communication from Skillable requesting more information or additional action.
  • Important informational emails (from [email protected]) will be sent upon course request fulfillment. NOTE: These may go to a Junk email box. 
  • Email [email protected] for course and enrollment-related questions. 
  • As outlined above, create a ticket at skillable.com/customer-support for technical questions (i.e. login errors, lab issues).  

***Lab Save Policy: Labs with saves enabled, can be saved for up to seven (7) days at a time. Each time a student resumes their lab, they will be able to save it for an additional 7 days. If a lab is not resumed within 7 days of being saved, the lab will cancel and all work will be lost. The student will then need to launch a fresh instance of the lab. Best practice: we recommend students launch and resave their lab twice a week.

Courses that use our Cloud Slice technology do NOT have saves enable. These courses have labs that are broken down into smaller sizes and are designed to be completed in one sitting. Please note that Cloud Slice labs can only be launched a total of 10 times.

***Course restrictions: There are certain courses that have unique user restrictions, such as a course access limit of 2 weeks, and a 25 participant enrollment cap (including instructor).


There are two labs that will require Azure Passes: DP-100 – Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure and SC-300 – Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator.  

All other labs have been configured with Cloud Slice meaning that the user is given a slice of Azure with built-in credentials to consume labs without having to use Azure pass.  

Note: For labs using Cloud Slice, each student can launch the lab up to 10 times. If a student needs to run a lab more than 10 times, they can open a ticket with Skillable Customer Support to receive additional launches. 

For labs that do not require tenant-level access, Cloud Slice opens the ability to have pre-deployed and configured Azure resources to complete the lab steps. Upon launch, the learner is provided with a built-in Azure subscription and a user account with required permissions to the subscription. This enables learners to focus on the main lab objectives and not get bogged down in the required setup.  

These labs are not customizable. They were created by the Microsoft Worldwide Learning content development team to be 100% mapped to the course materials.

If you need a custom lab that suits your specific needs, Skillable, our preferred Authorized Lab Hoster, might be able to help you with that. You will need to engage with them directly at skillable.com/demo-request.