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Growing Together: Watch as Skillable Brings Your Suggestions to Life with the Ideas Portal.

Have you heard about our ideas portal?

This partnership between our development team and customers is a space where ideas can become reality.

You can see what others are suggesting, vote for your favorites and submit your own ideas. With our simple process, your suggestions could become our next enhancement or feature!

The Ideas Portal is well organized and highly interactive. Upon first glance, you’ll notice idea categories are sorted on the left. You can search and vote for ideas that you’d also like to see resolved or join the discussion and add comments regarding how you’d like to see a change implemented.

ideas portal
Figure 1: Image highlights a view of our Ideas Portal at

Adding your idea.

If you have an idea that is not already captured, click the green “Add a New Idea” button to complete your request. Our development team will review your suggestion and follow up with a conversation to learn more about what you’d like to see happen.

Anyone who adds an idea, votes or comments is added to an email notification system linked to that idea, enabling you to interact with our development team and be notified of status changes.

Watching innovation spark.

Eric Grau, Lab Delivery (API) Product Manager, manages the Ideas Portal for Skillable and loves this public space for conversation because it allows for community learning and growth.

“Sometimes there’s a solution or a feature a customer isn’t aware of and we can link to resources within the suggestion,” says Eric. “That way the original poster can learn more about the feature/product, and it can also help others see the solution when they search the portal in the future.”

Eric continued, “I enjoy hearing how our customers want to use our features, create or expand upon them. I really enjoy the comments back and forth because together as a team we can identify a dynamic solution. It’s the dialog both ways that helps us come up with core details and a clear outcome.”

Eric shared an example of an idea recently set to in development, found here. He said this was a special one, because the original idea sparked a few additional enhancements and they all will be included in an upcoming launch. 

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