Introducing the Instructor Dashboard

Based on feedback, usage and popularity, the Instructor Dashboard is available in Skillable TMS as a default view and surfaces Instructor’s activities into a single view, providing easy access to everything they need for their classes and enabling them to focus on their learners rather than logistics.

On top of that, the dashboard auto-refreshes each hour, updating class assignments, learner enrollments and lab completion metrics without the Instructor having to refresh the browser.

During August’s Instructor Community Call, we asked for feedback on the dashboard and here’s what Darrell Cheatham, Vice President of Sales and Training for Complete Consulting, had to say: 

“While dealing with multiple portals, applications and calendars to accomplish technical education isn’t new for trainers, it does get very tiresome. Having critical, at-a-glance training information at the fingertips of trainers through the Skillable Instructor Dashboard is refreshing. It’s an easy way to keep everything we do at Skillable in one place!”
Darrell Cheatham
Vice President Sales and Training | Complete Consulting

We invite you to take a tour of the functionality and then try it on your own!

Figure 1: Screenshot of the Instructor Dashboard, available now in Skillable TMS at [your-root-TMS-url]/Instructor/Dashboard.

Quick Links

Based on usage and popularity, the Quick Links section offers quick navigation to the 11 most-popular pages in Skillable TMS for Instructors.

Loading in the same window, Instructors can quickly find what they need and navigate back to the dashboard when finished.

Figure 2: The Quick Links section features 11 of the most-popular pages in Skillable TMS.

Month at a glance

Moving to the right, Instructors have a snapshot view of their commitments in the Month at a glance section.

Featuring the previous month and 12 months into the future, the green dots represent the day’s class commitments as well as an Instructor’s block out days in full shading.

When clicked, the specific day’s class name(s) is revealed, complete with a hyperlink enabling easy access to the information needed.

Instructors will also notice that this view shares the specific timeslot for the class, rather than the course duration, making it an easier way to view your commitments for the day

Figure 3: The Month at a glance offers a snapshot view of current month commitments.

week at a glance

The Week at a glance section displays commitments for the week in a snapshot view.

Each commitment is hyperlinked to the class details page or Instructor blockout time for review or editing, where applicable.

Figure 4: The Week at a glance offers a snapshot view of current week commitments.

Today’s Sessions

The heart of the dashboard, this section provides Instructors everything they need for their class in one easy-to-navigate area.

The action buttons are tied to the session and when clicked, show information as a pop-up so Instructors don’t have to navigate away from the main dashboard.

When multiple classes are scheduled on a single day, each class will have its own tab and the action buttons will pull the appropriate data for the highlighted class.

Sure to be a favorite are the Class Training Key and Copy Class Link buttons, which give easy access to frequently requested details.

Figure 5: Today’s Sessions offers a snapshot view of the current day as well as pertinent class information.

Explore the Dashboard

Those are the main highlights and we’re excited to share more in the months to come. We’d love to hear what you think of the dashboard and have a special offer, details available below! 

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