Introducing the Skillable Script Library and AI Copilot

Unleash automation superpowers in labs with streamlined script creation and implementation.

Scripts wield immense power in the Skillable platform—they’re the meat and potatoes of virtual labs. Designers and Builders will tell you script creation is often a daunting task, which is why we’re excited to share our new Script Library and AI Copilot features that make authoring simpler.  

Lab Authors can now easily select and implement scripts in their labs with just a few clicks or leverage the AI Copilot for streamlined script creation. Skillable’s Script Library also empowers users to publish, share and reuse scripts efficiently. 

Scripting simplified.

Lab Authors and Script Designers no longer need to start from scratch. The Script Library comes populated with a growing number of prebuilt scripts that they can choose from and easily implement in their labs in just three clicks.  

Publish, share and reuse scripts.

Gone are the days of copying and pasting scripts across different labs and teams. The Script Library now makes it easier to reuse scripts among different lab profiles by giving Lab Authors the ability to publish and share scripts with multiple users. 

Streamline custom script creation with AI Copilot.

In addition to the Script Library, the introduction of AI as a Copilot will make script creation quicker and more efficient. The AI prompt’s target awareness guarantees the crafting of top-tier scripts—making script creation accessible to all Lab Authors, regardless of technical expertise.  

AI Copilot is just one way Skillable is integrating AI to streamline hands-on learning experiences and enhance the power of skill validation labs and lab development. Stay tuned!  

What's next?

This introduction is just the beginning of the expanded automation functionality we’re rolling out for Skillable Lab Authors. Soon, we’ll add AI Copilot support in lifecycle actions, additional scripts and more!  

Stay up to date with all our releases on the Skillable release notes page.  

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