Introducing Skillable Studio

Film, music and paintings enable artists to express their creativity in a work of art. Skillable views labs in the same way.

The art of skills development is a perfect combination of instruction and design. A high quality lab is capable of moving learners from proficiency to mastery in their skilling journeys, creating opportunities whether that’s through generally enhanced knowledge or tangibly through career advancement.

As the artist retreats to a studio to perfect their craft, Skillable has taken the first steps in creating a similar refuge for Lab Developers.

It’s a familiar spot, with a new look and we’re ecstatic to announce it to you.

Welcome to Skillable Studio.

What is Skillable Studio?

Skillable Studio is a rejuvenation of the Skillable lab platform (formerly “Lab on Demand” or “LOD”) into the Skillable brand with revised and modernized workflows.

What does this mean for Lab Developers?

The first thing Lab Developers will notice is a re-designed dashboard – with plenty of room for growth!

Initially the new dashboard has all the same functionality as the original dashboard with a couple new additions: 

  • One convenient location to view and resume Currently Active/Saved labs
  • Quick access to labs marked as a Favorite
  • Along with a new look and feel to the dashboard comes the default user theme changing from Lab on Demand blue to Skillable green
  • And the best part: A widget that summarizes your Lab Advisor recommendations so you and your team can take action and optimize your labs! 

Figure 1: Screenshot of the User Dashboard, available now in Skillable Studio.

What does this mean for learners?


This change has no impact on the experience of your learners or exam candidates. 

What does this change mean for existing API/LTI integrations?


All existing integrations with the API URL will remain fully functional for the foreseeable future.

Skillable Connect documentation will be updated with a new API URL that we encourage any new API integrations to utilize.

What’s next?

The user dashboard, color scheme and addition of Lab Advisor are just the beginning.

Over time you will see more and more components of the traditional lab building experience transition to more modern design styles.

Skillable is excited to share this new place where creativity, instruction and design will come together. 

Welcome to Skillable Studio

Ready to create hands-on labs?

We’d love to have your team create virtual labs and build your skill validation program with Skillable Studio.

Ready to make your life easier?

The most common reaction when somebody sees a Skillable demo is “I didn’t know you can do that!”

Let’s make it happen for you and your team.