Instructor Monitoring: Hands-on and Highly Interactive

Instructing in-person or a thousand miles away, Skillable has a tool to place Instructors directly in students’ virtual training labs.

Instructor Monitoring enables Instructors to see the students’ progress and jump into the lab environment to provide help or guidance if needed. 

Here are the top benefits of this feature: 

  • View what students see and how they react as it’s happening in an active lab.
  • Share documents with the class.
  • Send notifications to your students.
  • Jump into their lab to work with them through a challenge.


This real-time interaction is what makes your lab time personal and accelerates positive student outcomes. 

Maximize your lab environment by exploring all the features Instructor Monitoring has to offer. Watch our instructor video showing this popular feature in action

Watch as Jayne Soliz, Senior Technical Writer, demonstrates how Skillable helps Instructors connect with their students virtually.

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