Introducing the Student Dashboard

To empower learners to take control of their skilling journey, Skillable has designed the Student Dashboard.

The Skillable Student Dashboard centralizes user activity, enabling users to view and access virutal labs, courses and schedules from a single view. The platform features intuitive, user-friendly navigation that provides learners with a view of their most used pages, upcoming assignments, daily, weekly and monthly schedules and rewards all on a single page. The comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard provides learners with more visibility and control over skills development which boosts efficiency and productivity.

The new Student Dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the “My Dashboard” top navigation menu option in Skillable TMS.

Organizations may change the default landing page location to the Student Dashboard so learners will be navigated to the page upon login.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the features included in the Student Dashboard.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the Student Dashboard, available now in Skillable TMS by clicking on the new “My Dashboard” top navigation menu option. 

Dashboard features

At-A-Glance Views

Upon logging in, users are provided with a ‘week-‘ or ‘month-at-a-glance’ view. The weekly view shows the current week’s classes as well as class details and upcoming assignments. The monthly view provides a similar view for the entire month, allowing the learner to plan accordingly. Both views allow users to click on a specific day and see complete details for each one, including scheduled classes or upcoming assignments. Additionally, learners can jump to specific classes or assignments with a single click in both the weekly and monthly view.

Active Classes

Users can view their top five most relevant course assignments in the Active Course Assignments section. When more than five course assignments are active, clicking on the expand arrow redirects the user to their training page where they can quickly view all course assignments and plan accordingly. The ‘Browse All Classes’ button redirects users back to the class browser for easy navigation, and employees can quickly register for courses by selecting a specific one. There’s no need for users to manually refresh the page to view changes as the tool automatically refreshes every 20 minutes.

Active Course Assignments

Users can view their top five most relevant course assignments by clicking on the course assignment page. They are then redirected to the course assignment page where they can quickly view tasks and plan accordingly. The ‘Browse All Courses’ button allows users to view active on-demand subscriptions and allows them to self-assign courses that are easily viewed within this widget.

Active Labs

Like the Active Course Assignments widget, this tool displays the top five active labs based on labs that are currently running and those that are closest to expiration. Labs near expiration will display a warning icon notifying the learner to complete courses before the time out period.


Learners can celebrate recent accomplishments and review previous badges in the rewards section. Each section can be further expanded, allowing users to see all achievements in a single view. Organizations can also customize achievements with custom icons or unique iconography per achievement.

Redeem Training Key

Users no longer have to navigate to multiple pages to redeem training keys. Instead, a ‘Redeem Training Key’ field is displayed directly on the Student Dashboard homepage where users can redeem keys with a single click.

User-Friendly Navigation Experience

The Student Dashboard simplifies user navigation in several ways.   Most classes and course assignments can be accessed with a single click, providing users with a simple and seamless experience.

See the Dashboard in action

Each new feature helps users stay focused and engaged with training and motivated<br>to continue their skilling journey. Get a first-hand look at the new dashboard<br>by logging into Skillable TMS or watching the video below.

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