Unwrapping Appreciation

Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, this month the Skillable team found it in a specially delivered appreciation box filled with treats. We are wrapping up a fantastic Q1 and an important part of that is celebrating our employees. Melanie Hynes, our Employee Experience Coordinator, partnered with Packed with Purpose to send a fun and carefully curated package of treats that included a mixture of chocolate, dried fruit, cookies, crackers and nuts. It’s tradition to celebrate a job well done, and the people who bring the work to life are an integral part of that process.

The gift was a “total surprise!” said new employee, Will Krause, Business Analyst. The chocolate mini cookies were his favorite and he said receiving a gift like this, “adds value in that it makes me feel connected to the company.”

Will has been here just a few months, but this gift was a reminder of many reasons he’s thankful to be part of the team. Will shared, “So far the culture has blown me away. I feel lucky to be here every day! Also, everyone I’ve met has been friendly, helpful, and willing to go out of there way to make sure I understood something I had questions about.”

Peetie, the 4 year old Chihuahua/ Pomeranian/Border Collie rescue is pictured with Kristen Lui's Packed with Purpose Gift.

Kristen Lui, Technical Readiness Coordinator, was also totally surprised to receive the gift, but recognized the packaging and knew there would be tasty treats inside. She said receiving appreciation gifts like this absolutely add value to her work experience. “Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? Skillable really values its employees and puts time and resources into demonstrating that. Appreciated employees are happier and more productive – that’s a win-win for employee and company alike. In addition to keeping morale high, I think the gifts and activities foster a sense of community & of being part of a team, which is especially important when you work remotely.”  

Although the treats disappeared quickly for most, a familiar story was shared, it’s the thought behind the gift that really matters and holds a lasting impact. 

“Skillable is a great place for me because it fulfills my top 2 corporate requirements of employment. The first is that I need to learn and there are an abundance of opportunities and avenues for learning at Skillable. The second is being respected for who I am and what I bring to the table. From day one, I have felt that I was a part of something special. My ideas and contributions are valued and recognized by both my peers and management,” said Rod Oatis, Lab Developer. He also shared, “The thoughts behind the gifts, including from where they are purchased, show Skillable’s appreciation for me and their support of other companies doing great work.”

Q1 Appreciation
Rod Oatis and his gift.

It’s no secret our employees are exceptional at what they do. While the gift may have been a total surprise, may the feelings of appreciation always be top of mind. Here’s to a job well done, and a positive beginning to Q2! 

Love your Work

The Skillable team is made up of individuals who are both exceptional at what they do and who they are.