Celebrating 50,000 Badges Issued with our Customer Recognition Programs!

As of August 2022, Skillable has awarded 50,000 badges to our customers for their achievements on our platform. 

Skillable created recognition programs as a way to thank our customers for their commitment to hands-on learning and award them for the work they do with Skillable and three programs recognize our customers’ efforts according to their work focus: Customer, Lab Developer and Instructor. 

Each program celebrates individuals and organizations at different milestones, such as 750 labs for Phillip, 500 for Charles and 500 classes delivered for Bethany

These programs are offered free of charge to our customers and enrollment begins the same time as your journey with Skillable. 


Our customers transform their learners’ knowledge of a topic from basic to mastered with thoughtfully created labs and content-rich courses.

With the categories of Labs Published, Labs Launched, Classes Scheduled and Students Enrolled, we are proud to support our customers’ achievements in their skilling journeys! 

Learn more about the customer recognition milestones

Lab Developer

Lab Developers make hands-on learning possible with their skillfully created labs. 

We’ve awarded 1,250 badges for everything from a Lab Developer’s first lab published all the way up to their 750th (and soon – beyond!). 

Learn more about the Lab Developer Recognition Program.


These talented individuals help bring hands-on learning to life through the classes they teach and students they reach. 

More than 40,000 badges have been awarded for Classes Delivered and Students Reached, showing the incredible amount of talent using the Skillable platform for skilling endeavors around the world.

Learn more about the program and other instructor-focused offers.

Ready to earn your first badge?

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