Take learning from a guessing game to mastering the game.

Reinvent how you validate lab-to-job performance.

Register for our hands-on lab workshop

Accelerate ROI with a 1:1 consultation from our skilling specialists as they assess your current skills development program and provide insights into how you can enhance your existing hands-on labs or how they could complement what you’re already doing.

We’ll walk you through how to create lasting value for your customers and employees using challenge-centric learning principles and scored hands-on lab technology.

After this 1:1 consultation, our Solution Engineers will create a custom lab designed to your specific needs, ensuring a learning environment that enables your learners to confidently and correctly work in real-world scenarios and showing you how you and your team would be able to validate their skills developed.

The assessment, insights and custom, fully-functioning lab provided are yours to keep – no strings attached. 

What to expect:

  • A consultation between your stakeholder(s) and our Solution Engineers (estimated at 90 minutes). 
  • Our team will then create a customized lab, unique to your skilling needs. 
  • A debrief between your stakeholder(s) and our Solution Engineers, reviewing the lab development and key findings (estimated at 2 hours). You’ll then receive the fully-functioning lab. 

This workshop retails for $5,000, but we’d like to offer it to your team free of charge.