Takeaways: Building skills in the age of AI

Learn how to harness the power for AI for efficiency and accuracy, why "performance" is more important than "proof of knowledge" and how AI is redefining the role managers and instructors play in skill development.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital age, where artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting industries across the board, there’s an unprecedented sense of urgency. The pressure is on, and as professionals and educators, we find ourselves in a constant race to adapt, stay relevant and have the necessary skills in ourselves and teams. We may not be able to control the pace of change, but we certainly can shape how we prepare for it. “Don’t be afraid, do your best to embrace it.” This was the overarching theme of our recent webinar with Chief Learning Officer which explored how we can harness AI to our advantage, especially in learning and training. 

Key takeways from the webinar.

Fact: The world is moving faster than we can keep up.

We are not always equipped to keep up with the pace of technological advancement resulting in rapidly evolving skill requirements. Workers increasingly seek comprehensive career support and improved tools to navigate this landscape, while macroeconomic pressures and shifting market dynamics demand adaptability from organizations. This scenario places substantial pressure on leaders, particularly Learning and Development (L&D) teams, to equip their workforce with the skills needed to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. 

The role of AI to support the skilling journey.

The webinar emphasized that AI, rather than replacing instructors or L&D professionals, elevates their roles. Instructors are no longer expected to be the sole repositories of knowledge; they are evolving into guides and coaches who help learners navigate the vast sea of information. This shift aligns perfectly with the demand for comprehensive career support, as it equips individuals with the skills and mindset required to adapt and thrive in the face of rapid change. 

“The easier knowledge is to attain, the less you focus on knowledge as an asset. Putting a person in a real environment with an outcome-based objective is key to assessing true skills. This is about behavior, ability to perform - not knowledge or process."
Corey Hynes
Executive Chairman, Skillable

Bringing hands-on experience to your skills journey.

We seem to think we need to bring AI into the company to do it and that’s simply not true. You can leverage the tools to take advantage of those capabilities.  

By seamlessly integrating LLM (large language models) into educational platforms, L&D teams can create dynamic learning experiences that are not constrained by traditional methodologies. This empowers learners with real-time access to knowledge and guidance, eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional instruction. 

“Instructors were expected to be the experts. LLM is exceptionally good at going deep. Large orgs can build chat-type solutions where LLM is embedded so it knows how to work like an instructor - it removes the raise your hand that limits scalability.”
Corey Hynes
Executive Chairman, Skillable

Make it about performance, not knowledge or process.

As knowledge becomes increasingly accessible, the focus should shift away from treating knowledge as a static asset. Instead, assessments should prioritize the evaluation of an individual’s ability to absorb contextual information and deliver measurable outcomes.  

Placing individuals in real-world environments with measurable objectives is the cornerstone of effective skills assessment. Whether AI is used in this process or not, the emphasis should be on results rather than mere knowledge or adherence to processes. This approach aligns with the demands of a results-driven world, where the application of knowledge to achieve measurable, real-world results takes precedence.

To wrap it all up.

The webinar addresses the critical issues arising from the rapid pace of change in today’s world. It recognizes the challenges faced by workers, businesses, and leaders alike, while also presenting a way forward.  

By leveraging AI, particularly LLM technology, organizations can not only keep pace with change but also lead the charge toward a future where adaptability and continuous learning are paramount. The webinar underscores that in the age of AI, where the world moves faster than ever, knowledge is power, but the ability to apply that knowledge is the key to success. 

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