Building skills in the age of AI on-demand webinar

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AI has taken the world by storm and is already a disruptive force across many industries. We are just beginning to understand how AI will transform how we build the skills of our teams and validate their capabilities. On one hand, AI can act as a force multiplier, reducing the quantity of things learners must know. On the other, it provides a set of tools that enable us to work faster, and more accurately validate skills.   

Listen in as Corey Hynes, Skillable’s Executive Chairman and Sarah Danzl, Chief Marketing Officer, discuss the role AI should play on training and learning teams.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to harness the power of AI for efficiency and accuracy
  • Why “performance” is more important that “proof of knowledge”
  • How AI is redefining the role managers and instructors play in skill development 


Sarah Danzl

Chief Marketing Officer

Corey Hynes

Executive Chairman

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