On-demand: Closing the IT skill gap with experiential learning and virtual labs

IT is one of the highest industries impacted by the talent shortage. By 2025, more than 90% of worldwide organizations will experience the negative impacts of the IT skills crisis, costing $6.5 trillion in product delays, reduced customer satisfaction, loss of competitiveness and missed revenue goals.

It’s no surprise then that the issue most IT organizations face in executing their strategy is a shortage of workers with the required technical skills for their roles. That’s why IT execs at high-impact organizations like Microsoft and CompTIA are prioritizing training and learning. Specifically, they are using experiential learning opportunities and virtual labs to provide safe environments for skill application and looking at performance to validate skill mastery.

Listen in to Skillable Chief Product & Technology Officer, Frank Gartland, to learn the foundations of experiential learning, and the positive impact it’s having on retention, faster upskilling and reducing human errors.

Key focus areas: 

  1. Why experiential learning should be an essential part of your IT strategy.
  2. Ideas for integrating demonstrated skill validation into training ecosystems.
  3. Case studies from top IT organizations on implementing virtual labs.
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Frank Gartland<br>Chief Product & Technology Officer, Skillable

Frank Gartland
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Skillable

As Chief Product & Technology Officer for Skillable, Frank Gartland oversees our transformation of training to skilling through challenge-centric learning (read his whitepaper!), hands-on skill development and performance-based validation. Frank challenges teams, partners and customers to create better methods to scale learning. He thrives on helping people reach their potential and loves building businesses that enable people to make a positive impact.

Prior to joining Skillable, Frank was CEO of Veeya, a managed service provider focused on serving K-12 with technology as a service, where subscription revenues increased more than 300% during his tenure. Frank has been innovating with virtual classroom technologies and content since 1999 when his team first delivered fully online, instructor-led training for Cisco, Microsoft, EMC and others. As Vice President of Products with iLinc, Frank led the transformation of the virtual classroom system used by Global Knowledge, Salesforce.com and more than 2,700 others, and he led Microsoft Virtual Academy to become an international learning community.

Frank lives in Arizona with the loves of his life: his wife, Rochelle, and four kids.

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