The better way to learn: moving from completion-based training to evidence-based skill validation – on-demand webinar

The Better Way to Learn: Moving from Completion-based Training to Evidence-based Skills Validation.

You Should Listen if: 

  • You’re looking to provide better learning experiences backed by outcome-based learning models.
  • You want to hear from Pearson VUE,  a company known for providing high-stakes exam experiences, on why they’ve been transitioning to evidence-based learning.

In more detail…

“Video watched” or “class attended” doesn’t mean “skills developed.” Yet, this is the approach corporate training programs follow. You can’t expect your workforce to correctly apply newly developed skills and be job-ready based on passive learning experiences.

So why are we giving professionals some of the most powerful technology in the world unchecked—unvalidated?


Enter “evidence-based skills validation.”

Organizations serious about providing better learning experiences are evolving from knowledge and completion-based training approaches to performance and outcome-based learning models.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is evidence-based skills validation and how you can validate learner skills
  • The scalability of performance training to meet ever-changing demands
  • How you can map your training to vendor, industry and your own organization’s skill taxonomies
You’ll also hear from Pearson VUE who is in the process of adopting evidence-based skills validation.
  • Get insights into how Pearson VUE is incorporating this skills validation methodology into their programs

After listening to this session
, you will have a better understanding of when shifting to evidence-based training is right for your organization and how you can get started.


Danny Abdo
Danny Abdo

Chief Operations Officer,

Head shot of Ashley Neace leading the webinar for "The Better Way to Learn".
Ashley Neace

Challenges Lab Portfolio Manager,

A head shot of Bryan Ochs leading the webinar for "The Better Way to Learn".
Bryan Ochs

Director of Product Management,
Pearson VUE

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