6 ways to boost job readiness

Quick takeaways on how Majesco’s Chief Learning Officer (CLO) quickly transformed learning performance.

Struggling with job readiness? You’re not alone.

Consider this:


In 2023, organizations spent $305 billion on training globally.


Yet, 70% of employees said they still lacked critical job skills.

So how can you ensure your learners get the skills they need to be successful in their roles? Use these six strategies from an interview with Majesco’s CLO Jen Messersmith. They helped her rapidly transform company-wide training performance—and can help you too.

1. Start with a readiness plan.

You’ve heard the expression, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It’s true. Jen’s team recommends that you:

  • Start and enlist subject matter experts early
  • Prepare for change
  • Overcommunicate your goals
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2. Teach me. Show me. Let me try.

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We retain 10% of what we’re told, 20% of what we see, and 70% of what we do and experience. Hands-on practice makes training sticky and accelerates job readiness.

Evolve your learning architecture to meet modern-day skill needs and how people want to learn.

3. Upgrade from sandboxes to virtual labs.

Play Video about Tips for achieving job readiness - upgrade from digital sandboxes to hands-on virtual labs and skill validation

Sandboxes are complex, “one-and-done” learning environments. Whereas, virtual labs are repeatable, quick to spin up and tear down learning experiences that:

  • Improve time on training
  • Build skill confidence
  • Save valuable IT, security and education team resources

4. Make training scalable.

Why make people wait for instructor-led classes or other synchronous learning events? Onboard new employees or upskill existing teams quickly with on-demand, hands-on learning experiences.

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5. Validate learning.

Completion-based training lacks the validation people, and their leaders, need to ensure they’re job ready.

Use evidence-based learning to boost productivity and lower employee turnover.

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6. Accommodate learner feedback.

Make sure your training and hands-on labs have feedback loops. People will often share ways to improve their training and identify skill gaps.

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Get more tips on building a job-ready team.

Watch the full Training Industry webinar where Majesco goes into more detail about why and how they are transforming their learning to be more hands-on.

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