Best training strategies for learning teams [Infographic]

Learning content that isn’t tailored to business requirements and skill levels is causing frustration and increasing risk.

Recent data from Skillable highlights that tech workers report that current training hasn’t kept pace with the rate of industry change, and it hasn’t adequately prepared them for the future. An alarming 40% of tech workers reported that they are frustrated that the learning technologies they use don’t help them do their jobs better.

The same share said that current learning technology doesn’t allow them to demonstrate their skill proficiency, which limits the opportunity for personalization and makes it difficult to understand their readiness for new opportunities.

Data reveals tech pros think current training isn’t keep pace.

So, how do they really want to learn?

Based on recent survey data and research, this infographic highlights the best training strategy for IT professionals. It's on-the-job learning.

Additional resources to help build relevant skills that accelerate job readiness.

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